March 25


6 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar, And What To Do Next

March 25, 2022

What To Do When You Eat Too Much Sugar

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It seems like at any time of the year, you can find a great excuse to indulge in sugary foods. Its February now, so Valentines Day just passed (and candy is one of the quintessential Valentine gifts!)

At the end of the year, there are all of the holiday sweets and treats in summer, you have ice cream and popsicles and the list goes on and on.

With candy and cakes and all manner of sweet goodies available all the time, its easy to overdo it. It doesnt matter if you typically eat a lot of sugar or special occasions present a unique challenge.

Either way, youre likely to overindulge at some time or another.

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There are, thankfully, a few things you can do to reduce how often and by how much you overdo your sugar intake. And, when you do go over, you can limit the fallout by eating the right food and caring for your body.

Before you reach for the desserts, however you should know the effects that sugar has on your body and why you might want to cut back.

6 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, And What To Do Next

Why Is Sugar Bad For Me?

As delicious as sugar can be, it has a lot of nasty side effects that not many people know about. Sugar can cause you to gain weight and damage your heart health.

And thats only the beginning.

Recent studies have made it clear that sugar is more to blame for weight gain than normal dietary fats are. Dietary fats give you long-lasting energy, pack more flavor into your food, and help you feel full after youve eaten a meal.

Sugar, on the other hand, holds no nutritional value. Despite what most people think, the much-dreaded sugar rush isnt even a real thing. Science has known this since the early 80s and confirmed it again in 1995. 

Sugar also causes your system to generate a ton of insulin all at once. Over time, this reduces how sensitive your body is to insulin.

In some cases this can lead to pre-diabetes or even diabetes itself. These insulin surges can also cause you to feel hungry all over again, so you end up eating more in the long run. 

Insulin fluctuations can also cause mood swings. Science is still uncertain whether it is the spike or the crash that causes moodiness and most of the current studies focus on insulin-dependent diabetics.

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But more studies are being done to determine how much of the hangry experiencewhen someone is angry & irritable because theyre hungryis tied to blood sugar fluctuations.

Finallyand possibly more importantlysugar causes inflammation. Your bodys insulin response causes your cells to hold on to more water. This, in turn, leads to bloating.

And, for some people, it can lead to something much more dangerous.

When your cells hold on to extra fluid, it raises your blood pressure. Most people might not notice the increase. But if you have heart problems, sugar can get you in serious trouble.

In fact, sugar is scientifically proven to be worse for your blood pressure and heart health than salt is!

Cutting sugar out completely is impossible. At least, it is if you count sugars that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables.

But you can seriously reduce or cut down on added sugars to decrease the negative effects listed above. To do that, however, you need to know what names youre looking for.

6 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, And What To Do Next

What Other Names Does Sugar Go By?

Added sugar can pop up in the weirdest places so reducing the amount of sugar you eat wont always be easy.

It doesnt help that food companies have come up with over 60 names for the sugars they add to their ingredients. And thats without getting into artificial sweeteners, which are a topic unto themselves.

Some of the most common names for added sugars include maltodextrin, glucose, sucrose, and fructose. And if fructose sounds familiar, theres a good reason.

Yes, its the sugar that naturally occurs in fruit. But its also part of high fructose corn syrup

That ingredient can be found in everything from soda to salad dressing to ketchup. And it has its own nasty reputation on top of what sugar already does.

If you want to cut down on sugar, the first thing to do is check the ingredients list, as well as the nutrition label. If you see any ingredients like maltodextrin or fructose, do a quick search on your phone or pull up this link.

It takes a little bit of extra time to check for all of the names sugar goes by but the health benefits are worth it.

6 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, And What To Do Next

How Will I Know Ive Eaten Too Much Sugar?

Now you know what sugar does to you in the long run and you know how to look for hidden sugars in the food you buy.

But that doesnt mean youre immune to overdoing it on the sweet stuff. Luckily, there are a few common symptoms that you can look out for.

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The symptoms of eating too much sugar are usually the same. They do change, however, depending on whether the sugar shock is a one-time binge or if its part of a diet that routinely contains too much sugar.

If you eat too much sugar as a general rule, youre going to find yourself craving it all the time. Even after youre full, your body will try and get you to eat some sugar.

This is because your tastebuds and brain have adapted to the way sugar makes them feel. Sugar activates the reward center of our brain.

Its why sweet things seem to make us happier. And its also why you might find yourself craving sugar when youre sad.

Consistently eating too much sugar can also make you feel tired. All the sugar you take in makes it harder for your bodys insulin to do its job and break down the sugar into usable energy.

This means that your body is using more energy than its getting when it digests sugar. This drops your energy levels and leaves you feeling sluggish.

These are symptoms that you might not notice unless you use a symptom tracker. A simple printout and a few minutes each day can help you pinpoint when your symptoms show up and what you before they did.

This, coupled with a doctors advice, can help you crack down on the way sugar impacts your body. 

If you dont generally eat a lot of sugar but find yourself binging at special occasions or holidays, youre going to notice a slightly different set of symptoms.

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You will feel sluggish, just like you would if you regularly ate too much sugar. Youll get mood swings for much the same reason.

And youve probably experienced the stomachache that often comes with eating too much sugar.

But prolonged sugar binges can lead to other, less common, symptoms. You might find that your urine becomes cloudy.

This happens when your body can no longer process all the sugar youre eating. At that point, it just dumps the sugar into your urine, causing the discoloration.

If you find this happening more often, you need to see a doctor. It is one sign of pre-diabetes, diabetes, or another form of insulin resistance.

You will also feel bloated after binging on sugar. It might be a relief to know that bloating is making your jeans tighter, since bloating tends to wear off eventually. But there are definite downsides too, no matter how temporary the situation is.

Bloating is a type of inflammation. And, as mentioned above, this inflammation can negatively affect your blood pressure.

This isnt a problem for most people. But if you have heart problems, you definitely want to keep an eye on how swollen you feel.

You might want to be careful if you have arthritis as well. Any additional inflammation will only make your arthritis worse.

6 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, And What To Do Next

How Do I Shake My Sugar Symptoms?

The easiest way to avoid these nasty symptoms is to eat less sugar. This article has several great tips to help you if thats the route youre ready to go.

But all the sugar reduction tips in the world wont help when youve already eaten too much sugar.

Once the sugar is in your system, there is no magic way to flush it out but there are a few things you can do to help your body recover from the sugar shock more quickly. Some of these remedies will also help reduce the severity of your symptoms.

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The first thing you will want to do is ignore your cravings. Eating a lot of sugar lights up the reward center of your brain, as I mentioned before.

So your brain and body are going to tell you they want more sugar. It wont be easy, especially when your energy slumps. But do whatever you have to so you dont reach for leftover sweets, candies, or sugary drinks.

When you do reach for something to eat, opt for meals with a focus on vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.

Fiber helps your body process sugar more effectively. Dietary fiber slows down the rate at which your body absorbs sugar.

This means that your body can use its insulin more effectively while getting nutrients from other food. Ultimately, your body will end up dumping more sugar as waste than it would have without that fiber.

To get more fiber into your system, try this roasted vegetable medley. You can also use fiber supplements to help get in even more fiber if vegetables arent quite cutting it.

While the fiber helps your body process the sugar you ate, protein and fat will help keep your energy levels up. They will also keep you feeling full so youre more easily able to ignore your sugar cravings.

Try something like this easy roasted chicken. Coupled with some avocado salad for a dose of healthy fats, it will make for a filling meal that helps your body kick that nasty sugar-sick feeling.

You will also want to make sure youre drinking a lot of water. The sugar in your system will cause your cells to soak up as much available water as they can.

This leaves less for your body to use for normal functions, which will leave you feeling thirsty. A water tracking app like this one can help you keep track of your intake.

Finally, make sure you take in extra potassium and salt. Your extra water intakeand the extra trips to the bathroomwill quickly drop your electrolyte levels.

This deficiency can lead to headaches and other symptoms that will pile onto those youre trying to shake. Something like this homemade sports drink will give you the electrolyte boost you need without the added sugars that come in store-bought drinks.

6 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, And What To Do Next

The Takeaway

Most people love cakes, pies, candies, and all the other delicious things we usually associate with sugar. But overdoing it can ruin your experience.

And if you overdo it for too long, you can do serious harm to your body.

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So, as Julia Childs said, All things in moderation.

Enjoy your sweets but keep an eye on the way your body responds to them. And, when it starts giving warning signals, reach for the fiber and protein to help you shake the sugar blue and keep your energy up.

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While its true that a diet high in fiber can help slow down the rate your body absorbs sugar theres another secret powerhouse you can eat more of to practically eliminate any late-night sugar cravings AND burn more calories the next day:


If you’re really trying to reduce your weight, studies show a diet high in protein can lead to more fat loss and lower blood pressure than a diet high in fiber.

And adding more protein to your diet can even help you burn more calories the next day(!).

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people added 15-30% more protein to their diet they burned 441 more calories per day on average.

(Thats nearly an ENTIRE pint of Ben & Jerrys right there!)

And this is especially helpful if your sugar cravings tend to strike late at night.

Because I dont know about you but after 8PM, I pretty much transform into the Cookie Monster.

Even when Im trying to be good… or brush my teeth right after dinner or tell myself that if I can just wait until the morning, Ill treat myself…

Like clockwork, I find myself reaching for just one Milano cookie (my partner likes to buy them for himself, but I just cant resist when theyre in the house)… and then another and then all of a sudden the bag is empty. Oops.

Though thanks to this brand-new science, instead of starving yourself the whole night locking up the pantry with a padlock and hiding the key or chaining yourself to the elliptical for 2 hours the next day

You CAN enjoy a late-night treat as long as its got just a little protein. 🙂 (Looking at you, peanut butter cookies!!)

Heres the incredible science behind how eating a little more protein can reduce sugar cravings potentially increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories the next day:

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