Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)

By Elise Phillips Margulis | 26 November 2020 514 views

Discover how to slim down and actually lose weight this holiday season…

Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)

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This has been quite a year and the holidays will be a bit different than usual. However, the age-old question still looms: How can you eat all the yummy holiday food you love and not gain weight?

You’ve made it through the Halloween candy tsunami and digested tasty Thanksgiving treats. Just when you think you can take a break from the overwhelming temptation of festive foods constantly surrounding you, the holidays will be here.

Candy canes, homemade cookies, chocolate Santas, gingerbread men, stuffing, mashed potatoes, hunks of meat, and the like seem to be stalking you.

How to stay fit during the holidays? The best way to not gain oodles of weight is to take control over whatever you can.

Here are some effective holiday weight loss tips:

Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)

Try Healthier Recipes

There are tons of delicious and healthy holiday entrees, appetizers, sides, and even desserts out there.

Be on the lookout for foods that you can swap out. For example, Greek yogurt and hummus dips are less fattening than sour cream dips. 

Sweet potatoes are very nutritious, so try to eat them in lieu of white potatoes.

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Use avocados when you need a smooth ingredient in a recipe. They are a great substitute for butter, shortening, eggs, oil, mayonnaise, and sour cream. Avocados are full of nutrients, contain healthy fat, and are less caloric than the foods they can replace.

If you have a hankering for pie, go with pumpkin pie because it has a lot less calories than apple pie.

Eggnog and other holiday cocktails are delicious, but if you have more than two you’ll be drinking a lot of calories. Opt for wine, wine spritzers, or almond milk eggnog.

Stick to Your Workouts

In addition to eating carefully, don’t forget to fit in exercising. Pencil it into your days of gift buying and wrapping, food prep, writing holiday cards, decorating, running to the post office for cute stamps, and all of the things that make the season hectic.

It’s vital to care for yourself when you’re squeezing extra tasks into your days. Take a family or solo walk. If you’re participating in the sedentary sport of ordering presents online and not running from store to store, you can compensate for it by upping your physical activity level. 

Focus on getting enough sleep so you have the energy to exercise. You can track your steps, find an exercise buddy, and/or work out early in the day in case you’re too tired after whatever holiday errands you’ve been immersed in.

Winter sports like skiing, ice skating, sledding, and snowshoeing are fun workouts that you can sneak into your schedule. They don’t even feel like exercise.

Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)

Always Plan Ahead

 Your best eating strategy is to fill up on low calorie foods and water before holiday meals (and always). Take as many vegetables and fruits as you can fit on your plate.

Wait until your belly is stuffed with water, veggies, and fruit before you eye and eat caloric foods and drinks. 

If you’re like me, dessert is the most dangerous part of the holidays. Once you fill up on healthy and non-fattening foods, you will only be able to eat one serving of sweets (or suffer the consequence of feeling uncomfortably full).

Be Mindful at Parties

 If you live somewhere warm and can celebrate outside or are able to socially distance inside, be mindful of what you’re eating at soirees. It’s easy to have a drink or two and start grabbing hors d’oeuvres with both hands.

The water/veggie/fruit rule is in effect at parties, too. Whatever you do, don’t show up really hungry!

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Some other important ways of staying fit during the holidays include eating before you leave your home, keeping healthy snacks around the house and in your purse/car, and not skipping meals.

Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)

Set Your Goals Before the Holidays to Manage Stress

 Being stressed is a huge eating trigger. Create a holiday season calendar and figure out when you’ll be gift shopping, which day to pick up most of your groceries (or, better yet, order them to be delivered), when you can sit down and address holiday cards, decorate, and all of the holiday traditions.

Once you’ve carved out time for everything on your list, you’ll see it’s doable and you can deviate from the schedule if necessary. Try doing things ahead of time and in parts if you can’t devote an entire day to it. Make it easy for yourself so you can enjoy the season rather than running through it screaming.

Drink More Water

We often confuse thirst with hunger and staying hydrated is essential. Water transports nutrients to your body’s cells and brings oxygen to your brain. It helps the body absorb and process minerals, vitamins, glucose, amino acids, and more. Water flushes out waste and toxins and even plays a part in regulating your body temperature. 

As mentioned earlier, water is a great way to fill up your stomach before big meals so you’re not mindlessly grabbing whatever food looks good and shoving it in your mouth. If you’re kind of full, you’ll be more discerning.

Enjoy Things in Moderation

One of the most important holiday weight loss tips is eating in moderation.Enjoying a couple of big meals/parties is quite different than loading up on holiday foods during the entire month of December.

Christmas Eve and Christmas evening can be your two big meals. If you’re Russian or Greek Orthodox, you have an extra Christmas to celebrate so you might think about splitting your feasts calorically.

Kwanza and Hanukkah are full-week celebrations, so pick a couple of nights to indulge and try to eat moderately the other evenings.

You can have small portions of everything. Heaping servings are fattening, but savoring a bit of each dish and perhaps a second serving of your favorite(s) is a good way to taste without overdoing it.

Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)

Remember: Often, it’s not WHAT you eat, it’s more HOW MUCH you eat that causes weight loss and gain.

A combination of eating healthy and filling foods and making time to work out is the most successful way of getting through the holidays without gaining a lot of weight. Planning ahead and filling up on less caloric foods help a great deal.

You might even lose weight if you are very conscious of how much you’re eating and how much fat and sugar you’re consuming.

You deserve to have a fun and joyous holiday season (especially this year). The endless flow of food will stop on January 2nd, and temptation will no longer be ubiquitous.

Enjoy yourself and be careful when possible. If you find yourself amongst the people who gain a few pounds, forgive yourself and move on.  

Eat MORE This Holiday Season to Slim Down?! (Here’s How…)
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