June 11


Alexa’s FloraSpring Success Story (In Only 2 Weeks!)

June 11, 2020

See Alexas FloraSpring Results After 2 Weeks

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Ive written a lot about probiotics. As someone with PCOS as well as a couple of food sensitivities I take my gut health very seriously. One bad gut day can mean migraines, mood swings, and a whole lot of discomfort or pain.

So when I got the chance to try out FloraSpring probiotic supplements, I was eager to get started. I already eat a lot of fermented food so I have dietary sources of probiotics. But the more concentrated amount in a supplement was something I wanted to see the effect of.

As of the time Im writing this, Ive been using FloraSpring twice a day for about two weeks.

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I havent noticed huge changes which is honestly in line with what I expected. The gut biome doesnt change that fast unless you introduce something really bad to it.

But while there werent any huge changes, I did notice a few smaller changes.

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