December 16


Going Out And Want To Eat Healthy? Yelp Has You Covered

December 16, 2021

This New Yelp Feature Makes Healthy Eating Easier Than Ever

Going Out And Want To Eat Healthy? Yelp Has You Covered

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For years now, Yelp has been a helpful guide for eating out and takeout enthusiasts everywhere… effortlessly presenting users with the widest array of dining options in their area.

In addition to helping people find the best food near them, the review service and delivery app is now giving back even more to the community. A new feature recently unveiled on the app allows users to filter restaurant results not just by proximity… but by specific allergies, diets, and even religious needs.

For Yelp users,this change represents a significant step forward in eating out.

By setting specific preferences on the app, dieters wont have to waste time calling restaurants to ask how food is prepared… whether there are gluten-free options on the menu… or whether or not there are halal and kosher places around the corner.

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While this feature might not seem too groundbreaking for folks without specific dieting restrictions and sensitivities, it makes a world of difference to those who have had to struggle for years to eat clean while eating out.

If youre curious, here are just a few of the new preference settings you can enjoy on the app:

Going Out And Want To Eat Healthy? Yelp Has You Covered

1) Search By Diet

Its hard enough to stick to a new diet without having to face the challenge of eating out.

Traditionally, takeout been framed as the unhealthy alternative to preparing meals at home. However, the reality is that in plenty of places now, evenoutside of large urban locations, healthier options are starting to bootfattier, fried foods off the menu.

Yelps personalized results wont just help seekers find healthier dining options based on diet preference. Theyll also help key users into offerings on the menu that are perfect for pescatarians… keto dieters… or folks looking to get a jumpstart on their new years resolution by eating clean.

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For many dieters, sticking to the clean regimen often meansabstainingfrom fine dining altogether. Not anymore!

Thanks to this new feature, its a breeze to order healthy items off the menu… without having to scroll through every photo and review to find what youre looking for.

2) Search By Sensitivity

Have an allergy or a sensitivity to certain ingredients? No sweat.

With the new app feature, all you have to do to set your preferences is download the latest version of the app (or upgrade your current version)… go to your profile… and check off all the boxes that apply.

Have a gluten allergy? You can now filter out all the lunch spots and bars without gluten-free options.

Trying to stay dairy-free? Youll be gently guided toward cafes, restaurants, and sit-down spots that offer dairy-free options… and wont make you scared to take a bite out of that no-cheese grilled cheese.

If youre trying to cycle out certain ingredients from your diet, such as red meat or processed foods, searching for tailored, healthy options within a stones throw of your location doesnt have to take up the bulk of your time anymore.

Going Out And Want To Eat Healthy? Yelp Has You Covered

3) Search By Religious Needs

Food allergies, sensitivities, and special diets arent the only thing preventing Americans from eating out as much as theyd like.

If youre someone who observes dieting rules according to your religion, theres now an option to funnel out all restaurants who dont observe Kosher or halal laws.

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Even if youre not religious, you can tell the app more about you so its predictive technology can help you avoid spaces where you might not feel comfortable.

For instance, if youre searching for a place with gender-neutral bathrooms… a place thats dog-friendly… or somewhere thats safe and hospitable for families with small kids… you can let the app know and be guided away from establishments that dont meet your criteria.

If you have certain lifestyle preferences, you can let the app know. For example, if you dont own a car, some options might be too far away to count as a valid pick-up option.

If you have limited mobility, own a pet, or are the head of a household, Yelp can factor in your lifestyle preferences. This helps make your life just a little bit easier when dinner rolls around and youre faced with a hungry hoard of kids and an empty fridge.

4) Search Clean Options

Any dieter can tell you that trying to stick to the confines of an eating plan… no matter what it might be… is difficult even without the constant temptation of takeout. Its so quick and easy! Plus, it satisfies a deep need in all of us to have freshly prepared food served to us while were in our pajamas.

Thankfully, Yelps new preferences can help dieters of every stripe stick to the plan and avoid relapses. The app makes it easier than ever to filter out unhealthy or compromising options on your home screen.

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Temptation is a lot easier to avoid when its not placed right in front of you every time you look at your phone or pull up a takeout app! For folks who find it a struggle to eat clean without giving in to the temptation of a greasy fried treat, this new feature is truly a game-changer. 


So, next time youre planning a meal out (or some takeout), take this new Yelp feature for a spin. Youll be amazed at how easy it is to find healthy-eating options tailored to your needs and preferences!

Going Out And Want To Eat Healthy? Yelp Has You Covered

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