September 16


Fact Check: Are Search Engines Hiding Diet & Weight Loss Research From You? (Short Answer: Yes)

September 16, 2021

See What The Search Engines Arent Telling You About Weight Loss And What To Do About It

Fact Check: Are Search Engines Hiding Diet & Weight Loss Research From You? (Short Answer: Yes)

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From the way we date to the way we shop, algorithms affect everything. When you participate in any interaction or transaction online, your behavior gets tracked and added to a huge database which companies can draw from to create enticing new ways to brand old products and services.

But what do algorithms have to do with dieting?

Youd be surprised.

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In a recent article for the Prince George Citizen, a columnist suggests that the way diets are introduced to you online may be more problematic than you think. Since Google tends to pull information based on interests youve already shown through your shopping and browsing history the search results for diet are going to look a lot different for everyone.

So how can you make sure to find the diet that actually works for you? Here are a few tips.

Fact Check: Are Search Engines Hiding Diet & Weight Loss Research From You? (Short Answer: Yes)

1) Do Your Research

If youre thinking about trying out a new diet, the first thing to do is remove yourself from all of the hype surrounding that diet.

For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, a basic Google search regarding a change of diet and lifestyle is likely to turn up specific results. Since celebrities love to endorse the keto diet, you might end up reading about all the great aspects of the diet without finding out if its actually right for you.

Since algorithms work to cement bias rather than challenge or question it, a basic search engine result could bring up options that youre predisposed to say yes to… while hiding diet options that youve already expressed skepticism about.

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Dieting, however, isnt about staying in your comfort zone. If you really want to commit to living a healthier lifestyle, its important not to shut yourself off to certain options.

Remember to keep an open mind while researching different diets rather than accepting the first search result that comes your way.

2) Dont Accept The First Result You See

Remember, when you type best diets into Google, youre not going to get a completely unbiased view of things. Your search history informs pretty much everything you see online from the Facebook ads targeting you to the local results that pull up first when youre searching for the best coffee shop in town.

Thats why it helps to do a bit of a deep-dive when trying to find the right diet for you. The Internet is a powerful tool for research, and theres so much great information out there that can help you find the diet plan thats going to work best for you.

Still, you might have to work a bit harder to find it. Try to find medical journals and other unbiased sources of information that will help you get a full picture of what each diet can offer.

Fact Check: Are Search Engines Hiding Diet & Weight Loss Research From You? (Short Answer: Yes)

3) Go Offline

The Internet is definitely the easiest way to get information, but its far from the only way. Luckily, we live in a world where information is all around us.

If youre curious about different diets and the effect they have on the body, why not head to your local library and check out a few books and journals on the subject?

It might seem old-fashioned to hit the books rather than simply typing in a quick Bing search… but the information youll be getting will be unbiased… unaffected by web traffic and other misleading factors… and will be deeply researched and thought-out.

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The library is a great resource for all kinds of study, especially if you really want to be well-informed.

If youre really serious about learning and dont just want to know a few superficial facts about your diet of choice, checking out an actual book on the subject could open up a world of knowledge for you and prevent you from making an over-hasty decision. While youre at the library, you can even head to the cookbook section to get some healthy inspiration for future meal prep. 

4) Always Double-Check Dubious Health Claims

When youre reading articles online, youre often not aware of all the different factors that went into the production of that article.

Think about it: writers need an audience, and they need to make sure their work gets seen. That means that a misleading claim about a diet could end up as the headline for a piece about that diet.

If youre researching diets online, the sources that come up first are going to be the ones that got the most traffic and had the biggest reach. However, that doesnt mean that theyre credible.

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Make sure to fact-check any dubious claims (e.g., This diet will help you drop 10 pounds in 10 days) by checking the authors sources. Any medical journal will link health claims to actual studies rather than simply throwing out provocative statements and hoping they catch.

Fact Check: Are Search Engines Hiding Diet & Weight Loss Research From You? (Short Answer: Yes)

5) Dont Be Afraid To Talk To A Professional

If youve asked around and found a diet that you think might be right for you, dont be shy about visiting your doctor and asking them what they think.

Your family doctor is the person who knows the most about your medical history… from current health risks to past illnesses in the family line. Setting up an appointment to talk out your concerns and answer your questions could help you make better-informed, healthier dieting decisions. 


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