September 9


Food For Diabetics: 6 Easy Tips For Diabetes-Friendly Cooking

September 9, 2021

Cooking For Diabetes Is Easy With These 6 Simple Steps

Food For Diabetics: 6 Easy Tips For Diabetes-Friendly Cooking

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Do you have diabetes or know someone who is diabetic? The truth is, you arent alone! Over 100 million people in America alone either have diabetes or prediabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Living with diabetes can be really hard, especially when you try to navigate exactly what youre allowed to eat.

The good news is that there are tons of easy tips for diabetes-friendly cooking! Life doesnt have to be harder!

Even though living with diabetes places restrictions on what you can eat and how you can prepare it… there are loads of simple steps that will take no time at all to implement! Enjoy the same foods and live a healthy lifestyle.

Food For Diabetics: 6 Easy Tips For Diabetes-Friendly Cooking

6 Quick Tips For Diabetes-Friendly Cooking

One quick and easy tip is to cook at home more! This study indicates that there could be a connection between eating out more and diabetes.

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Researchers are not sure what, if any, connection there is between type 2 diabetes and eating home-made meals but an easy way to make sure you are eating well is by knowing exactly whats in the food you are eating!

Here are some great ways to make sure youre cooking for your diabetes and still enjoying what you eat:

1) Cook with liquid fats not solid fats.

A lot of solid fats have saturated fats. If you have diabetes, you should try to limit your intake of this!

Moderate use of liquid fats is healthy and not as bad for someone with diabetes.

2) Cut out fats.

Lots of recipes call for certain ingredients that have fats in them. You can usually cut down about 30% on fats from recipes, and they will still be delicious!

Even doing something small like using cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips is better for your diabetes.

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3) Be careful with the carbs.

So many white carbs can be substituted for whole wheat flour and whole grain products.

4) Cut out the sugar.

Sugar raises blood sugar and is absorbed way slower. You can cut out sugar when cooking without affecting the taste or texture (usually).

This doesnt count when cooking sweets, unfortunately!

5) Cook with low-fat dairy.

A lot of cooking products are high in fat… but its really easy to substitute those goods for stuff that will end up tasting the same! For example, use 1% milk or evaporated milk.

Also, does your recipe call for sour cream? You can use nonfat plain yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese instead!

Food For Diabetics: 6 Easy Tips For Diabetes-Friendly Cooking

Why Its Important To Eat For Your Diabetes 

Now that you have some easy tips on diabetic-friendly cooking its probably important to understand exactly why and how following these tips is going to help you.

The simplest explanation is that tips like these will help you manage diabetes.

This study shows how, if you are prediabetic, changing what you eat can lower the chance of developing diabetes. If you can do something to prevent diabetes, why wouldnt you?!

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Another study looked at carbs in relation to diabetes. Restricting carb intake to 20-50 grams per day can help improve heart health in people with diabetes, according to this study. It also helps with weight loss!

Need another reason? Type 2 diabetes is the kind that you develop. (Type 1 is when youre born with it.)

This study looked at how type 2 diabetes works. Basically, over time, your beta cells get worse because they have to pump out more insulin. Type 2 diabetes can occur from too much sugar.

Based on these studies (and tons more), cooking is super important when managing diabetes or prediabetes. Think of diabetes as a sort of wake-up call from your body. Its asking you to do something differently!

One more easy way to help with diabetes is to make sure you are getting enough exercise. Try to take that extra walk every day… or take the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

If you couple more exercise with better ways of cooking food, you can manage diabetes without having it impede your life.

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So just a quick recap. Can you live with diabetes and be totally fine, while enjoying the foods you love?

Of course! Just substitute some of the bad stuff for good stuff… and make sure you keep it all in check.

Next, living a healthy lifestyle is always important… but it can make an even bigger impact when you have diabetes. Make sure you are getting enough exercise along with eating the right foods and substituting those bad ingredients for some healthier ones. Easy!

The important thing to remember is that diabetes is a diagnosis. Just like any setback in life, its just that a setback!

People are able to live full, happy lives living with diabetes. In todays world, its so easy to substitute out unhealthy ingredients in your meals.

Follow these easy tips and get started on eating better with diabetes!


diabetes friendly cooking tips

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