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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cutting Back on Caffeine (Like Lower Blood Pressure, Less Anxiety, and More!)

July 12, 2020

Discover The Health Benefits Of Reducing Your Caffeine Intake (And How To Do It)

cutting back on caffeine

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What is probably one of the most common things to do when you wake up?

Grab a coffee.

Understandably, so. I mean, it wakes you up it gets your day going its a good routine.


Caffeine is not all that great for you. Personally, I dont like coffee (I know, Im weird!). Its a taste thing for me.

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However, I do LOVE caffeine. In fact, I used to drink a ton of sodaperhaps it was my version of coffee!

The fact is, even though caffeine FEELS great for you, it isnt.

cutting back on caffeine

4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cutting Back On Caffeine

What happens when you reduce our caffeine intake? Orgaspcompletely cut it out?

Simply put a lot of positive things.

1) You sleep better.

Having trouble sleeping? It could be due to how much caffeine you consume every day.

Even if you drink something with caffeine as long as six hours before you fall asleep this could affect your nights rest.

Start by limiting your caffeine to once a day in the morning, if you think it will be too tough to quit cold turkey.

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2) You wont feel as addicted.

Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which means it is technically a drug! It causes you to be more alert but too much caffeine can result in your body feeling like it NEEDS this drug.

Cutting back or eliminating caffeine will reduce the cravings you likely feel when you havent had your fix.

3) Your blood pressure lowers.

This is especially important for those of us who have high blood pressure. When you drink coffee, your blood pressure goes up.

So, if this is something thats an issue for you cutting back on the caffeine could make a world of difference. Sounds like something that could help me!

4) Youll feel less anxious.

Because caffeine gives you energy, your body can sometimes take that and turn it into feelings of anxiety. This can come in the form of heart palpitations or the jitters.

Reducing your caffeine consumption will lower this response from your body.

In fact, one study found that too much caffeine can lead to your body making very similar responses to some pretty serious conditions like psychotic symptoms and an increase in hostility.

So, now that weve briefly touched on why caffeine isnt the best for your body whats next? 

Do you just quit cold turkey? Can you even survive without a daily caffeine fix?

cutting back on caffeine

3 Easy Tips For Cutting Back On Caffeine

Quitting cold turkey can be difficult. Ive done it, and it certainly was NOT easy.

You often will still get those cravings for caffeine and since your body isnt getting what its used to, you may become irritable and feel like you have less energy at first.

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If quitting cold turkey isnt a feasible solution for you, dont worry! Most people opt to slowly wean the body off of caffeine or they just reduce their daily intake.

Either of these options will benefit your long-term health!

Here are some really helpful and simple tips if youre trying to cut down on caffeine:

1) Trick your body.

The big thing about caffeine (especially something like coffee) is that its part of your routine, right? So, keep your routine.

Try having your cup of coffee, but cut it in half. Have half decaf and half regular.

Big on soda? Switch out one or two cans a day for the caffeine-free version!

These are little steps that will allow your mind and body to better adapt to the changes.

2) Increase your water intake.

Sometimes, your body just wants to drink something. Instead of reaching for the soda or another cup of coffee, drink more water.

This often has satisfied my craving for caffeine. It turns out that a lot of the time I just wanted something (anything) to drink!

3) Exercise more.

Exercising gives your body a natural serotonin hit. This has been shown to help with uour feelings of happiness.

Personally, I always find that Im way more alert after I workout (mentally, maybe not always physically!).

If youre struggling with cutting out the caffeine because you just feel drained try even just taking a long walk or getting outside for a bit to trigger that serotonin.

Another thing that we should probably review is what you can drink instead of caffeine. One great option is to choose any sort of decaf version of what youre used to drinking.

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What else? Luckily, there are a ton of great choices. Green tea, for example, has way less caffeine than coffee but still enough where your body wont totally hate you for cutting back.

And what about kombucha? This is a refreshing drink that has way less sugar than what you are probably used to drinking. Its a sort of tea mixture thats available in loads of places.

Even substituting coffee for some regular old milk can be great! Milk has vitamins that will help your body plus there are options if youre watching your weight or counting calories.

Overall, one thing is certain: Caffeine can have some not-so-great effects on your body. If youre down to quit cold turkey, more power to you!

But for those of us opting for a more gradual approach there are so many ways to effectively cut out the caffeine and keep on living that healthy lifestyle!

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One of the keys to reducing your caffeine intake is to replace your caffeine habit with something else.

And while water is definitely a great choice it can feel a little, well, boring especially if youre used to a nice cup of coffee iced latte or cold soda.

Plus a tall glass of water doesnt really perk you up for the afternoon doldrums when youre half in a food coma from lunch and half bored to tears at home or at your desk…

So when you run into a morning (or midday or afternoon or evening) when water really isnt going to cut it and you WISH you could reach for your caffeinated beverage of choice may I suggest that you try one of my 3 favorite smoothie recipes?

Not only are they super refreshing and packed with great-for-you ingredients but they also are chock-full of vitamin C.

And vitamin C is often used as a pick me up and semi-stimulant especially if you arent getting enough in your day-to-day life right now.

Best of all… each smoothie recipe is also designed to help you lose weight!

Thats because these recipes were created based on the recipes of a well-known TV doctor and those recipes helped me formulate smoothies that are delicious, fresh, AND full of fat-burning ingredients.

Plus, they can even help boost your energywhich is perfect if youre missing your normal caffeine hit!

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