The Truth About Juice Cleanses – The Good, The Bad, And What You Should Put In Them For Optimal Health

By Shelby Talcott | 26 March 2021 1724 views
cold pressed juice benefits

Are Juice Cleanses The Secret to Amazing Health… Or Are They Just a Trendy Money-Suck?

The Truth About Juice Cleanses – The Good, The Bad, And What You Should Put In Them For Optimal Health

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Ahh. What could possibly sound better during the upcoming summer heat than a nice, cold-pressed juice? Just thinking about it makes me want one!

Well, I’m not the only one.

Forbes Magazine recently noted that “juicing” has become a $3.4 billion-dollar industry in America.

What exactly is juicing?

Well, it is usually a juice that is made up of a mixture of fruits and vegetables – ranging from kale, bananas, and carrots to berries, apples, and dragonfruit – the list goes on and on!

The juice can be as simple or as complex as the manufacturer or customer decides.

The difference between juicing and regular old supermarket juice is that all of the ingredients are squeezed with pounds and pounds of pressure. This is supposed to keep nutrients in the food.

The Truth About Juice Cleanses – The Good, The Bad, And What You Should Put In Them For Optimal Health

So, What Is A “Juice Cleanse?”

Juice cleansing is a pretty popular trend that has gained traction over the past few years. Basically, people will go on a juice diet where they only drink these juices and eat nothing else.


It is believed that juice diets will cleanse the body. However, is this true?

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Doctors say that there is no scientific proof that backs this up. Plus, our bodies are already built to detoxify! (This is what our kidneys and liver are for).

Furthermore, eating foods that have a lot of vitamins and fiber help to keep our gut healthy, which in turn allows our body to properly detoxify itself.

So, why do people go on these diets if there’s not actually any proof that it helps? Why not just eat healthy?

Many doctors say that it is because of the media… This is how these juices market themselves, and it sells.

But, what is the truth behind cold-pressed juice?

The Truth About Cold-Pressed Juice & Juice Cleanses

Here are some facts and fiction to help you get to the bottom of this latest fad:

1)   Your body needs fiber.

Did you know that the fiber in most vegetables is found in the food itself – not in the juice?

One exception to this rule is the tomato. These need to be broken down in order for our bodies to absorb the antioxidants present.

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If you’re going to pay the big bucks for a cold-pressed juice, make sure there are tomatoes thrown in there!

2)   Many of the foods found in these juices have tons of antioxidants.

These foods include berries, kale, and pecans.

So, you will get these antioxidants just as effectively by eating the food as you would through juicing – and probably save some of that hard-earned cash as well!

3)   Juicing is mental.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no scientific proof (as of now) that juicing cleanses our system.

In fact, we don’t want to do that!

Why? Well, our bodies already do it for us, so doing it again wouldn’t make much sense!

4)   Juicing doesn’t hurt your body.

I wouldn’t recommend going on an all-juice diet, because there are so many other good foods that you should be eating that can’t be thrown into a juice. (For example, meat and fish – I wouldn’t want that in my juice!)

However, if you do want to buy a cold-pressed juice here or there, it certainly won’t hurt. It’s usually a lot healthier than supermarket juices that can contain high-fructose corn syrup or other added sweeteners.

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Juicing can make people feel healthier, which is great. However, it’s important that we are actually being healthy – not just feeling healthy. One study indicated that doing a juice cleanse showed no impact on gut bacteria.

This furthers the concept that juicing probably doesn’t really cleanse our bodies.

However, the study did find that people felt healthier after the juice cleanse. This is that mental aspect of juicing that I was talking about.

The Truth About Juice Cleanses – The Good, The Bad, And What You Should Put In Them For Optimal Health

The Real Health Benefits of Juicing

So, let’s recap.

To sum it all up, there’s really no proof that juicing helps our gut bacteria or helps to clear out our system. It is, however, a healthy alternative to high-fructose juices and junk food.

The study I mentioned above did also show a change in the mental side of people.

What should we do about juicing, then?

I’d stick to juicing as an addition to your diet. It’s a great and healthy alternative to regular supermarket juices, but it shouldn’t be substituted for real food.

Juice in moderation!

Is it bad for you? No.

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However, going to any extreme is typically not great for our minds or our bodies. It’s really important to find a comfortable middle ground.

For example, it’s completely okay to have a cold-pressed juice or two during the day as long as you make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients, fiber, antioxidants, etc. from real food as well.

You should never stick to one single food type in your diet (unless directed by a doctor)… It would be impossible to get all of the necessary nutrients just from juicing.

So, don’t be afraid to go out and buy those juices. But, remember that it should simply be a healthy addition to your diet – and should never take over!


cold pressed juice benefits

The Secret To Making A Healthy Juice

If you do decide to make a juice of your own, remember that when it comes to choosing your ingredients… not all plants are created equal!

Some fruits and vegetables are mostly water…

So they’re harmless, but you won’t get too much out of them in the way of nutrients and vitamins.

Some other plants are packed with antioxidants… vitamins… minerals… and THIS type of “living nutrient.”

In particular, if you use the 3 veggies this well-known doctor talks about in this short, free video

You’ll notice that your juices give you more energy… improve your digestion… and taste pretty darned amazing, too!

Here’s what these 3 especially good-for-you veggies are

And don’t worry, you can get them right at your local supermarket!

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