September 8


Here’s How to “Cheat” On Your Diet The RIGHT Way (To Lose More Weight)

September 8, 2020

Find Out How To Cheat On Your Diet And Still Lose Weight 

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Hello again! Its Tara here.

I think were all familiar with todays topic: cheating on your diet.

(And if you say youve NEVER cheated on your diet you might be telling a white lie! đŸ˜‰ )

If youre like me, you start out your diet with the best of intentions. Youre going to eat healthy avoid all of those unhealthy, fattening, and sugary foods and you plan to reach your weight loss goal in almost no time flat!

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And you might do really well in the beginningeating just what youre supposed to staying active and avoiding those foods that are off limits.

But then sooner or later you end up giving in to temptation when a nice treat comes along like ice cream, or a cookie, or a handful of potato chips, or a candy bar (which is especially easy to justify when its the tiny fun size!).

And lets be honest cheating on your diet is very understandable sometimes.

After all, if you go out to lunch with your friends or coworkers or you attend a family dinner you dont want to be that person who makes a big deal about only eating carrot sticks with a glass of water, right?

But once you do cheat on your diet does that mean game over? No weight loss? Are those extra pounds going to stay on your waist and thighs forever?

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Or can you still lose weight even if you do cheat on your diet every now and then?

Thats the topic Im diving into today and what I have to say (as a certified nutrition coach) will probably surprise you!

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