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The Blood Type Diet: What You Should Eat & Avoid Based On Your Blood Type For MAXIMUM Weight Loss

August 13, 2021

Lose Weight & Improve Your Health By Eating For Your Blood Type

The Blood Type Diet: What You Should Eat & Avoid Based On Your Blood Type For MAXIMUM Weight Loss

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Its been over 20 years since a naturopathic physician, Peter DAdamo, published Eat Right 4 Your Type. The debate roars on as to whether eating in accordance with your blood type will make you thin.

The best-selling book dictates everything from condiments to workouts… and people have overhauled their lives to follow its advice. Many people have lost weight on the diet and swear by it.

The theory behind this book is that your blood type indicates what your ancestors did and that relates to how you should eat.

Type O is the oldest blood type, dating back to hunter-gatherer primal men and women… so if you have type O blood, you should eat lots of protein. Type A is tied to farming and more vegetarian options. Type B descended from nomads who consumed a great deal of dairy. Type AB is a result of A and B types intermingling.

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The rationale is that foods react chemically with your blood type so eating foods that are a good match for your blood will result in weight loss, lots of energy, and disease prevention. Sounds promising!

DAdamos Blood Type Diet website explains the blood types history and what they should and shouldnt eat. The site also offers a blurb (reminiscent of a horoscope description) about each types personality, and has links to purchase vitamins, supplements, books, tests, kits, and apps.

They also sell skin care products, protein powders, bars, teas and other beverages, and computer software to help you with the diet.

So, lets take a look at what you can consume based on your specific blood type.

The Blood Type Diet: What You Should Eat & Avoid Based On Your Blood Type For MAXIMUM Weight Loss

What You Should & Shouldnt Eat Based On Your Blood Type

Type O Blood

If you have Type O blood, you descend from hunters. Your diet should feature high-protein foods and not too much in the way of grains, beans, and legumes.

Vegetables, fish, and fruit are good options. If you want to lose weight, youre advised to indulge in red meat, seafood, kelp, spinach, broccoli, and olive oil. Sorry, cavewomen, but you cant go near wheat, corn and dairy.

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Type A Blood

The Type A is the farmer. This diet is a good fit for vegetarians. It allows fruit, veggies, tofu, turkey (not quite vegetarian), olive oil, soy, pineapple, seafood (for the pescatarians), and whole grains but no red meat.

If you want to drop some pounds, you need to stay away from dairy, wheat, corn, and kidney beans.

Type B Blood

If you have type B blood, your ancestors were nomads so you get to choose from a lot of foodslucky you!

The list of permitted food includes meat, fruit, dairy, grains, and seafood. You are also supposed to dine on green veggies, eggs, liver, and grains.

However, if youre a Type B, you should not consume wheat, peanuts, chicken, or corn if you want to shed some weight.

Type AB Blood

If you have type AB blood, youre somewhat of an enigma since this blood type is a blend of A and B. You also are allowed a nice variety of foods.

If you have AB blood, you get to chow down on veggies, fruits, dairy, tofu, grains, fish, kelp, and lamb. If youre trying to lose a few pounds, dont eat chicken, corn, kidney beans, or buckwheat.

The Blood Type Diet: What You Should Eat & Avoid Based On Your Blood Type For MAXIMUM Weight Loss

Best Exercise Recommendations By Blood Type

Type O Blood

Youre supposed to engage in high-intensity aerobics exercise, running, and martial arts (sounds exhausting!). Youre not out hunting and chasing potential meals like your ancestors were so you need to burn off all that energy.

You should also take supplements for your sensitive belly.

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Type A Blood

Youre encouraged to meditate and do low-intensity exercise and Tai Chi. Ancient farmers worked very hard, but their descendants don’t have to sweat too much to stay healthy.

Type B Blood

A book called The Blood Type Workout prescribes lower impact exercise, like biking and tennis, for those with type B blood. Resistance training is also good.

You come from nomad stock, and their activity level wasnt as frenetic as hunters.

Type AB Blood

According to the book, if you have type AB blood, you are susceptible to joint and muscle stiffness when you do high-power cardio. So you should walk, hike, golf, dance, or do anything less stressful for the joints and muscles.

The Blood Type Diet: What You Should Eat & Avoid Based On Your Blood Type For MAXIMUM Weight Loss

Does The Blood Type Diet Really Work?

One dietitian reported that all of the Blood Type Diets are rather healthy because they include veggies and fruits and are full of natural, unprocessed foods. The Blood Type Diet also recommends organic food. 

Our Western diets are often plagued with too much junk food so the Blood Type Diets are good for everyone in that potato chips, onion rings, and other fried and processed foods are not on the allowed food lists.

So many of the delicious snacks at the supermarket are terrible for you yet are so accessible that you may find yourself munching on Doritos or sinking your teeth into Twinkies way too often.

Despite many people swearing by the Blood Type Diet, a study carried out in 2013 reported that the hypothesis that your blood type can dictate the best foods to consume isnt valid because no peer review studies have been published. The study didnt find sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that you should eat based on your blood type.

However, researchers believe that eating according to the Blood Type Diet may still result in weight loss mainly because the foods recommended are generally healthy. Plus, processed foods are discouraged in all of the eating plans.

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One big problem with following the Blood Type Diet is that you may be disappointed and lose interest in your eating plan if your preferences dont correlate with your blood type recommendations.

The Type Os meaty diet will alienate people who prefer eating more vegetables. Type As vegetarian-like menu could make a carnivore sob. 

The Blood Type eating plans can be restrictive which means youll lose the nutrients found in the foods youre not allowed to eat. 

That brings us back to square one. Your mission (and you should choose to accept it for good health) is to eat fruit, veggies, grains, and low-fat proteins. You get bonus points for eating clean and unprocessed foods. Exercise too, and eat in moderation.

Of course, you can try the diet recommended for your blood type But if you want to lose weight, dont worry about your blood type. just focus on healthy eating. Fill up on fruit, veggies, and water, and you wont be ravenous.

Its easier said than done, but knowing that healthy foods can result in weight loss and better health can be very motivating!


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