June 16


Is It Bad to Eat Late at Night? A Nutrition Specialist Weighs Inů

June 16, 2020

Discover Whether You Should Avoid Eating Late At Night

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Hi, everyone! Its me, Tara, again.

If youve ever done research on how to lose weight Im sure youve come across a million different tips & tricks.

One of the most popular? Dont eat after ___ time at night! (Fill in the blank with a time that seems to be different for everyone you ask. Some people say 6 pm others 10 pm!)

Honestly, I even fell victim to this at one time too. One of my friends started losing weight and she looked amazing!

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So of course, I asked her what she was doing to melt off the pounds and look so good. Her answer?

I stopped eating after 8 pm!

Really? Thats the only thing she changed and suddenly shes 15 lbs lighter?! (At least thats the only thing she told me!)

So, while its obvious that WHAT you eat definitely has an effect on your weight does WHEN you eat matter as well?

Does avoiding food after a certain time really make the fat melt right off your body?

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And if so, what is the magic right time to stop eating? Whats the science behind this idea, anyway?

Well, Im here to answer those questions and give you the real, scientific answer about this topic.

Lets get into it:

Is It Bad to Eat Late at Night? A Nutrition Specialist Weighs In<span class=

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