[Study] Big Food Companies ARE Sabotaging Your Weight Loss… Here’s How (Plus, How to Lose Weight In Spite of Them)

By Shelby Talcott | 19 February 2021 788 views

The Shocking Way Big Food Companies Are Keeping You Fat…

[Study] Big Food Companies ARE Sabotaging Your Weight Loss… Here’s How (Plus, How to Lose Weight In Spite of Them)

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I’m sure that almost all of us have heard of “counting calories.” For those of you who haven’t, you are lucky!

A lot of people (myself included) have tried to count calories in order to help them lose weight. This is where you write down how many calories you are eating every day. It’s supposed to keep you under a certain calorie limit, which in turn should help you lose weight.

That’s the key word here: should!

Counting calories fails more often than it succeeds. It has never worked for me, that’s for sure.

The truth is, according to research, we are all probably underestimating our calorie intake. (Not on purpose!) This even includes dietitians, so don’t feel bad!

One study found that the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to underestimate your calorie intake. The study found that those who were overweight tended to underreport their calorie intake by 40 percent, and those that were considered average weight underestimated by 20 percent.

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Counting calories can also be really bad for our mental health. When you try really hard at something and can’t figure out why it’s not working, it can be really depressing!

Since so many people count calories without getting results, it can result in a negative turn for our mental health. I don’t know about you, but I would rather see results than work really hard and never be rewarded for it!

Why is it so common that people don’t see results when counting calories as a way to lose weight?

[Study] Big Food Companies ARE Sabotaging Your Weight Loss… Here’s How (Plus, How to Lose Weight In Spite of Them)

The Problem with Counting Calories & Why It Doesn’t Work

Well, lots of us rely on food labels to get our calorie intake information. However, did you know that food labels are usually not that accurate?

I definitely didn’t know this until pretty recently!

The FDA allows for a 20 percent marginal error on their calorie labels. When you’re counting calories in an effort to lose weight, that 20 percent can make a big difference!

Another reason that many people miscount calories is because most of us pour things like salad dressing and sugar without using a measuring cup. If you overpour salad dressing, it can add 100-200 calories to your meal!

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Imagine we do some sort of incorrect measurements (by accident) at every meal. We might be adding 500 calories a day without even knowing it!

A third reason that it’s so common to underestimate how many calories we eat per day is because so many people these days use some sort of tracking app. I’ve used this before and am not a fan.

The problem with calorie tracking apps is that even if you input that you ate an apple, but put in the wrong kind of apple, your calories can be off. That’s really frustrating, especially if you don’t know what kind you bought – I mean, who remembers every single brand they buy?

So, here comes the big question: How can we lose weight without being obsessed with the number of calories we are eating?

[Study] Big Food Companies ARE Sabotaging Your Weight Loss… Here’s How (Plus, How to Lose Weight In Spite of Them)

How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

The key here is actually really simple. You absolutely don’t have to count calories to lose weight; in fact, a lot of people recommend against it these days.

The most important thing is to change your mindset. Instead of being obsessed with the numbers, become obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle.

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Change what foods you eat instead of trying to figure out exactly how many calories every meal contains. If you change your diet to eat foods that are good for your body, you will have a way better chance of losing weight.

Here are some examples of ways we can all achieve lasting weight loss without being obsessed with calorie intake:

1)   Eat more plants.

Plants have so many short-term and long-term health benefits. One study found that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of a heart attack by 40 percent!

It’s really important to look at foods as more than just their calories. Try to think about what other benefits food can bring to your body. Plants are great for lasting weight loss because they are usually high in fiber, which is great for our gut health.

2)   Keep an eye on portions.

Make sure that your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach! Focus on your portion sizes more than how many calories are in your foods.

Oftentimes, we overeat – it’s so easy to do. Take your time with meals and you will find that the body gets fuller! Eat until you are comfortable and your body will thank you.

3)   Get enough sleep.

Studies have found that not getting enough sleep is linked to weight gain. When we don’t get enough sleep (less than six hours a night), it can affect appetite hormones.

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This leads to increased hunger and therefore a higher food intake, as well as our bodies burning less calories and storing more fat. Everyone always says that sleep is the key!

So, here’s my suggestion: delete those food tracking apps, black out the calorie labels, and start eating based on what’s good for your body! Your weight loss journey will be so much more successful (for both your body and your mental health!).


big food companies

Another Terrible Secret the Big Food Companies Are Keeping From You

I’m so glad I learned about the way food companies are lying to us on food labels…

So I can take control, stop reading calorie counts, and lose weight the healthy way!

However, food companies are lying to us in more ways than one.

Here’s another way the food companies have been sabotaging your weight loss:

They fill their foods with all kinds of preservatives, chemicals, and “artificial sweeteners” that actually make us pack on the pounds.

Two of these artificial sweeteners are especially bad for you, and you should always avoid them.

Here’s what those sweeteners are…

Plus, 3 sugar substitutes that help you lose weight:

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