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Recipe: Good-For-Your-Gut Yogurt Parfait

August 21, 2020

This Quick & Easy Yogurt Parfait Is Delicious AND Great For Your Gut Health

Recipe: Good-For-Your-Gut Yogurt Parfait

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I dont know about you but my mornings are pretty hectic.

If youre like me, you feel like youre always rushing around, trying to get ready for the day. You have to get yourself ready, of course and then just add on top anything you need to do for your spouse or your kids.

And while youre doing all of thatplus trying to get out of the door in time to get to workbreakfast might end up at the bottom of your morning to-do list. (I know its the first thing to get pushed off of my priorities list!)

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So you either grab a protein or cereal bar on your way out of the door or you stop in at your favorite coffee shop (or worsefast food restaurant) for a delicious but definitely unhealthy breakfast sandwich or my current guilty pleasure: you grab a donut from a local shop…

Or you skip breakfast entirely.

To be honest, that probably isnt the best way to start your day. Personally, when I dont get a good breakfast I dont think as well at work, I get hungry really early in the day, and then I end up making pretty poor food choices.

(Yes, those happen even if I start my day with donuts! 🙁 )

Thats why I love this yogurt parfait recipe. Its healthy and fillingso you wont feel hungry again until lunch (really!)and you wont have to feel guilty about eating it.

It doesn’t make you feel heavy or bloated when you eat it… yet it’s so satisfying. Plus, it gives you a little bit of sweetness (without a glazed donut).

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Its a great way to fuel your day and its SO fast and easy to make that you can throw it together in just a few minutes!

Heres how to do it:

Recipe: Good-For-Your-Gut Yogurt Parfait

FTHs Good-For-Your-Gut Yogurt Parfait


  • banana
  • 3 strawberries
  • A handful of blueberries
  • Greek yogurt


  1. Open up your Greek yogurt and put it into a bowl. I usually eat about 4-5 ounces of yogurt when I make this. (Imagine as much yogurt as they put in those packaged yogurt cups you buy at the grocery store–those are usually 5 oz.)
  2. Cut up the banana and strawberries into small pieces.
  3. Toss all of the fruit on top of the Greek yogurt and mix.
  4. Enjoy!
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This breakfast recipe is so filling thanks to the Greek yogurt. In fact, studies have shown that Greek yogurt may decrease hunger and reduce your food intake!

Plus, Greek yogurt contains probiotics, which are key to keeping your gut healthy. And a healthy, balanced gut is important to keeping the rest of you healthy.

A balanced gut helps your digestive system run smoothly and keeps your skin healthy and clear.

In addition, Greek yogurt is very high in protein, which is why its so filling!

And those berries you toss on top of the parfait?

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Theyre full of benefits, too! Berries contain antioxidants… are high in fiber and are high in important nutrients that your body needs.

Research has shown that eating berries can lower your cholesterol help fight inflammation can improve blood sugar levels and could even help lower your risk of cancer.

Plus, I love that it’s so easy to customize this recipe and make it your own.

You don’t like strawberries? Leave them out!

Blueberries are out of season? No problem!

Swap in a fruit you DO like or is in season (fresh peaches are my current favorite for this recipe)… and you have a perfect yogurt parfait.

The options really are endless… and if you’re feeling like you need to add a little crunch to this recipe, feel free to add a handful of chopped nuts or granola (the low-sugar kind).

So to get your day started off right, with a quick & easy recipe thats full of nutrients & protein give this recipe a shot!

Why Greek Yogurt Is So Important To This Recipe (And For Your Gut Health)

Important recipe note: When buying your Greek yogurt to use in this recipe be sure to choose one that says live and active cultures.

Thats because live and active cultures means that your yogurt has powerful probiotics in it

And some of those probiotics are GREAT for your gut health!

(And the reason you want them to be “live and active” is that if those little probiotics die… they won’t do your body any good!)

In fact, making sure you get the right probiotics can not only improve your gut health but will also help boost your metabolism.

But besides eating probiotic-rich Greek yogurt what else can you do to increase your metabolism? (Especially if you want to eat something other than Greek yogurt for EVERY meal, EVERY day?)

Well you can supplement what you eat with other probiotics but unless you know the right strains that have been proven to boost your metabolism its kind of a crapshoot.

Increasingly, science is figuring out the truly helpful strains of probiotics and unmasking the pretenders that dont do much for your gut or even outright harm it.

For example a well-known doctor recently discovered 4 specific strains of probiotics that outdo all the others when it comes to helping increase your metabolism.

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