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The BEST Probiotic Supplements of 2021 [MEGA-Roundup!]…

December 29, 2020

Discover the highest rated probiotics to try in 2021 …

The BEST Probiotic Supplements of 2021 [MEGA-Roundup!]...


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Its the new year! New goals, a new chance to make changes and a great time to hit that reset button. What are some of your goals for this new year?

Well, if youre reading this, chances are that one of your goals might be developing a healthier lifestyle! Whether that means weight loss, adding supplements into your diet, improving your gut health or all of the above, this is a great place to start.

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Today we are focusing on something that will likely benefit a lot of us: probiotic supplements.

Lets just do a brief overview before getting into the best probiotics for the new year. Probiotics are basically made up of that good bacteria that we want in our bodies! This bacteria helps prevent bad bacteria and works to build up that good gut health. It promotes a healthy microbiome and has so many other positive aspects to it!

A good probiotic supplement could really make a difference in your life. Of course, always talk to a doctor before adding any supplement into your diet. But in the meantime, here are some examples that could be good options for you!

1. Culturelle Daily Probiotic

One of the best probiotic supplements out there is Culturelle daily probiotic. Packed full of good bacteria, this probiotic may help with a lot of issues that many of us have.

Culturelle daily probiotic is intended to promote digestion, help our immune system and keep our system moving along regularly, according to one consumer review. 

What really makes this probiotic great is that it contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG). This is a really good probiotic that may help with our digestive health and immune system. Why does this probiotic work so well?

Well, it is meant to push past the stomach and get into our intestines. Each capsule of Culturelle daily probiotic has 10 billion cells of LGG, meaning it is chalk full of this really great probiotic!

The BEST Probiotic Supplements of 2021 [MEGA-Roundup!]...

2. Garden of Life RAW Probiotics 

Heres another top probiotic supplement: Garden of Life RAW probiotics for women. As you can tell from the name, its geared towards females Im a fan of that!

But what, exactly, makes this probiotic so good? Well for starters, it is a little bit different from some other probiotics because (as its name suggests) it is a raw, whole foods probiotic. Described as being high potency, this one bills itself as a probiotic that contains all the benefits of a true food probiotic.

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Lets continue with this great option going into 2021. This probiotic has 30+ probiotic strains! And, because it is a whole food probiotic, it is meant to act as if we are eating fermented foods (which are GREAT for our gut health).

This probiotic says that there are a lot of benefits: It may help with our colon health, digestive system, vaginal health, healthy gut health and more! Sounds like a pretty big winner to me!

3. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic 

Dont worry, our best probiotic supplement list isnt done yet! Next up is Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic.

Another great option for females, this probiotic supplement has plenty of different probiotic options on its website. The womens probiotic option is the one Ill focus on today.

This one has 25 billion live cultures in it wow! It may help with your vaginal and urinary health, too and it says its backed by 25 years of researching. In addition to all of the live cultures, this probiotic contains 12 probiotic strains that are intended to help with digestive issues and our immune health.

This probiotic option is a great choice for females looking to get that extra boost by adding a daily supplement!

The BEST Probiotic Supplements of 2021 [MEGA-Roundup!]...

4. Innate Response Formulas Probiotics 

Lets keep going! Innate Response Formulas Probiotics is next up on our 2021 list.

This probiotic contains 14 unique probiotic strains and it is meant to be resistant to acid. Whats more? It also contains 20 billion active bacteria colony-forming units. Youre supposed to keep this one in the fridge or freezer, so that may be something to keep in mind when looking for a probiotic supplement.

Innate Response Formulas Probiotics helps to bring back and keep healthy bacteria and probiotics. Its gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, too!

This probiotic is a great choice for those aiming to boost their intestinal health and improve the immune system. Think about it!

5. Seed Probiotics 

Rounding out our best probiotic supplement list is Seed Probiotics. This is an interesting one because it has a 2-in-1 capsule formula. Do we care about this? Well, maybe! Its intended to be more resistant to various things that probiotics may come into contact with in our body (like stomach acid) and therefore its more likely that the probiotic will actually end up in its final goal location!

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This probiotic says it will really deliver: It pushes a better metabolism, healthier looking skin and more! It even claims to help with our folate production, which helps our bodies make blood cells.

Another great thing about this probiotic is that it is supposed to be shelf-stable, which means that you dont need to keep it at any particular temperature (you can just leave it out on the shelf!) People have reported feeling positive results within 48 hours of taking this product.

The BEST Probiotic Supplements of 2021 [MEGA-Roundup!]...

And the Winner Is

After looking through all of these probiotic supplements theres one that stands head and shoulders above the rest:


I really like that it:

-Is endorsed by Dr. Steven Masley, MD, a popular doctor with his own top-rated TV show, 30 Days to a Younger Heart

-Contains probiotic strains backed by mountains of studies that are proven to help you lose weight and get your gut back to good health

-Has additional Support Strains chosen with Dr. Masleys help to be a complete probiotic with all the strains your body needs

-Tons of success stories behind it

-Made in the USA

-Has high-quality ingredients you can trust

-Has a generous money-back guarantee

The only downsides?

Floraspring is only available direct from the manufacturer and is gaining in popularity by the day (I guess the secrets out 🙁 )

So that means if they have supply available you should probably jump on the chance to get it since they might run out and have to re-order.

To see a short informational video about Floraspring featuring Dr. Masley himself which will secure your place in line to make sure you get Floraspring if its available and you qualify click the link below now:

[Video] Secure Your Spot In Line to Get Floraspring By Watching This Video!

P.S. – (You didnt hear it from me but if you want to jump right to the front of the line and get Floraspring now this will let you cut the line 😉

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