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4 Scientifically Proven Secrets That Banish Bloating & Flatten Your Tummy At The Same Time!

December 31, 2019

How To Banish Belly Bloat Using These Easy Food-Based Secrets

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Bloating. YUCK.

Nobody likes it, everybody deals with it.

You know what Im talking about. That annoying full feeling when you arent full at all.

Uncomfortable bubbles in places they arent supposed to be. Embarrassing gas. Stomach pain.

Of course, some gas during digestion is healthy.

While bacteria digest your food in your intestines, they produce some gas. This is normalwhether we ladies like to admit it or not!

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But painful bloating, which leaves your stomach swollen and your insides in knots, is no good.

Its a whole bunch of ugh. If youre tired of feeling like an inflatable pool toy, youre not alone.

You might be experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS–a stubborn condition thats common in women–which can be tricky to diagnose and troubleshoot and can lead to all sorts of tummy woes.

Or you might just be like every other human being, who occasionally has an unhappy belly.

(You might have even identified a few specific foods that give you this uncomfortable, bloated feeling.)

The good news is, there are steps you can take to fix this.

Of course, eating a balanced diet with lots of variety and getting plenty of rest is a great approach.

Avoiding those certain foods that seem to almost always cause bloating and gas pain.

Adding probiotic, fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha can help too.

But sometimes bloating can appear even when it feels like youre doing everything right.

Which Foods & Supplements ACTUALLY Fight Bloating?

I know, I know, youre tired of being bombarded with miracle cures and expensive pills that promise to grow your boobs, shrink your middle, and make your husband bring you flowers, and turn you into an immortal angel. (Yeah, right.)

Plus, there are so many supplements on the market choosing the right one can feel like an impossible task.

You certainly don’t want to choose the “wrong” one… but you also don’t want to wade through piles of scientific studies and medical research in order to find a good supplement.

Well, weve done the research for you.

Medical professionals like nutritionists and pharmacists have shared which supplements arent just smoke and mirrors, but actually work.

Here are the best supplements for improving digestive discomfort and putting a stop to bloating.

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1) Fiber

Fiber is hiding out in all of your favorite fruits and vegetables, but if youre experiencing bloating, you might not be getting enough.

Being short on fiber can cause bloating, because fiber is important to the process of digesting fats.

If you dont have enough fiber, your body might be struggling to digest fat, and producing too much gas in the process.

Up your fruit and veggie intake. Some high-fiber fruits and veggies include pears, strawberries, avocado, artichokes, sweet potatoes, bananas, broccoli, and beets.

Legumes are also high in fiber, so you may also want to add some lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, or split peas to your diet. And don’t forget about grains like oats and quinoa!

If you’re looking for nuts and seeds that are high in fiber, grab a handful of almonds… or add some chia seeds to your morning smoothie. And fortunately, even dark chocolate is high in fiber!

(Just in case you needanother reason to eat more dark chocolate.)

You may even want to consider a fiber supplement. Fiber supplements can help bind to fats in your stomach, making them easier to digest without an upset tummy.

2) Artichokes

Surprising, right? Nutritionists explain that artichoke slows down digestion, which can result in less excess gas.

In other words, less bloating!

But artichokes arent exactly rolling down the aisles of your supermarket, especially if you live someplace other than California, where they grow best in the winter.

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When they are in stock, they can be really expensive. So whats a gal to do?

Pharmacists recommend the Floradix Gallexier artichoke food supplement, which has a bunch of other good stuff in it, too, like turmeric and ginger and dandelion.

This liquid supplement can help put your stomach at ease, but make sure to consult your doctor before taking it.

3) Digestive Enzymes

Um what? Yes, this sounds a little weird, but hear me out.

In addition to helpful bacteria colonies, your digestive system relies on enzymes to digest your food.

When these enzymes are out of whack, bloating can occur.

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Enzymes break down food into little pieces so you can digest it more easily.

Many digestive supplements on the market are vegetarian-friendly too, so thats something good to look out for.

banish belly bloat flatten tummy

4) “Living Nutrients”

Why is bloating so bad?

Well, it means your body is having a hard time digesting a certain food. Or maybe many foods.

This can happen because you have a specific food allergy, like lactose intolerance.

(Most of us have paid the price for the occasional ice cream binge!)

But sometimes, if you balance out your digestion with certain “living nutrients”… you can tolerate foods that used to give you bloating

and as an added bonus, these nutrients may potentially boost your bodys ability to burn fat too.

(In fact, this one was found to reduce belly fat by 8.5% in just 12 weeks!)

These specific “living nutrients” were discovered by a medical doctor who focuses on helping patients lose pounds and pounds of stubborn fat.

So not only can you enjoy foods that used to give you bloating and discomfort…

But you can actually lose weight while enjoying those foods!

And while you might be able to get the same results by spending hours in the gym or restricting your calories and avoiding your favorite foods

The truth is, with these nutrients you might not have to:

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