April 15


The ‘Bad’ Gut Bacteria That Make It IMPOSSIBLE to Lose Weight (Plus 4 More That Melt Off Fat Effortlessly)

April 15, 2019

Surprising New Research Finds Bad Gut Bacteria That Prevents Weight Loss And 4 Strains of Good Gut Bacteria That Help You Burn Fat!

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Here is the big question: What in the world are gut bacteria?

Gut bacteria are defined as the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans.

Next question: Where do gut bacteria come from? Do we all have them?

Heres a fun fact. Gut bacteria arrive in the body the very first moment you are born! A babys very first taste of the world is literally its mothers stuff (bacteria, bugs, etc.).

This gunk goes through a babys stomach and then settles in the intestine. Babies can do this because they dont have a lot of stomach acid yet, so a lot of bacteria can just chill down there and make a nice home — forever!

I know, youre probably grossed out.

But dont be! (Not all the way, anyway).

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Gut bacteria are really important, and everyone has some! Gut bacteria are as unique for each individual as their fingerprint; they develop individually based on each person, so while we all have them, the amount, kind, and uses are different for everyone.

This difference in gut bacteria is what makes it so important. It determines how our bodies function, including things like weight loss.

So, it turns out that these little dudes have more in common with us humans than just living in our bodies!

A lot of gut bacteria are really good for you. But…

Just like people, there are good and bad gut bacteria.

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How Bad Gut Bacteria Harm Your Health

Its always more fun to talk about the bad guys (in my opinion), so lets start there. Whats one criminal gut bacteria that makes it impossible to lose weight?

There are specific cells in our bodies called intraepithelial T lymphocytes (or natural IELs). One study used mice to look at these cells and how they affect us.

Researchers found a few interesting things.

The first thing that they noticed is that when IELs werent present, the metabolism of mice began to go into overdrive.

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Even when eating a ton of foods high in fats and sugars, these mice were able to avoid metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholerolemia.

Now, what happened when natural IELs were present?

Researchers found that these cells actually limit the number of incretin GLP-1s (a type of hormone).

Why does this matter? Well, this hormone helps to speed up metabolism.

So, as we can all imagine, limiting this hormone results in a decrease in metabolism and a conservation of the energy our bodies get from food.

This used to be a good thing because food wasnt always easy to find. However, since food is now literally around every corner (I would know, Im constantly eating), we dont really need to slow down our metabolism and conserve energy from food.

As a result, IELs have been dubbed pretty highly on our Top 10 most-wanted criminals in the gut bacteria world.

So, why does this matter?

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Do Gut Bacteria Actually Affect Weight Loss?

If youre trying to lose weight or suffering from another metabolic disease, IELs could be playing a part in your struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If doctors are able to begin to target cells like these, theres a possibility that they will be able to help with these diseases a lot.

Until this happens, however, its important to become familiar with the good and the bad in the complicated world of gut bacteria.

Research has suggested that people who are healthy have different gut bacteria than those who struggle with certain diseases. Furthermore, gut bacteria can contribute to more than just obesity — gut bacteria have been linked to Crohns disease, ulcers, and more.

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Its really important to learn about the bad gut bacteria that could be living in our bodies, because it can be a huge factor in weight loss and disease.

However, its just as important to learn about the good gut bacteria. Why?

Well, just as we want to know whats making our bodies struggle to lose weight, we probably want to know what helps our bodies melt off the excess fat. (I mean, I want to know.)

Researching good types of gut bacteria is really important — just as important as knowing the bad kinds. Having a well-rounded knowledge of something that directly relates and affects our health is always essential.

At the end of the day, gut bacteria still sounds pretty gross (to me, anyway). Its weird to think that there are these living things inside of us for our entire lives!

But, researching and making myself knowledgeable about gut bacteria has given me a little soft spot for them!

Its clear that these guys play a super important role in how our bodies function — not just with weight loss, but with potential diseases as well.

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Anything that affects our body that much must be important — so inform yourself about gut bacteria, because theyre going to be with you forever! (Literally!)


The 'Bad' Gut Bacteria That Make It IMPOSSIBLE to Lose Weight (Plus 4 More That Melt Off Fat Effortlessly)

The Good Gut Bacteria That Help You Melt Off Stubborn Fat

Its pretty clear that bad gut bacteria can make it nearly impossible to lose weight… As well as giving you a greater risk for other diseases.

How can you get rid of these bad bacteria in your gut?

Unfortunately, we dont have the technology to shrink you down to microscopic size and blast these bacteria right out of your bloodstream!

However…what you can do is flood your gut with these 4 strains of good gut bacteria.

Some of these good gut bacteria can actually consume the bad gut bacteria in your stomach lining…and convert fat into fuel in the process!

This helps you increase your metabolism, boost energy, and burn more fatwhile you sleep.

Thats right! To tell you more about it, heres Dr. Steven Masley, the world-renowned doctor who discovered these good bacteria:

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