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5 Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain During The Holidays (No Exercise Required!)

December 21, 2020

Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays With These 5 Simple Tips

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Winter is a busy time of year for most people. Nearly everyone has at least one holiday they celebrate.

And as if that werent enough to keep you busy, there are office parties and social events that people use to stave off cabin fever.

When you factor all that delicious party food into a lifestyle that usually gets more sedentary when the weather cools youve got a recipe for holiday weight gain. Busy schedules mean its even harder to work off those potential pounds, too.

So, what are you to do?

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Luckily, there are a few dietary tricks you can use to avoid putting on some extra padding. So even if youre not keen on a gym trip you can still end winter feeling as good as when it started!

Tip #1: Hydrate

Even if you live in a snowy area, winter is a very dry time. Snow and rain pull a lot of moisture from the air, which leaves your skin dry.

And because most people associate dehydration with warm months, they are less likely to reach for their water bottles.

This unfortunate trend not only leaves your skin dry, but can also lead you to overeat. If you make sure to get enough water, however, youre going to find all those tasty treats a little less appealing.

Combined with the other tips in this list, staying hydrated will help you greet spring without any added weight!

Tip #2: Snack Smart

Holidays and food go hand-in-hand. And, most of the time, the food is either incredibly rich or extremely sweet. In moderation, its no problem to indulge a bit.

High-calorie foods give you more energy to get through the cold months (and make them more bearable). And some high-calorie foods might actually be healthy for you.

Holiday treats, unfortunately, rarely count as healthy.

5 Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain During The Holidays (No Exercise Required!)
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When you eat such things in moderation, this isnt a problem. It can be a good way to lift your spirits when daylight is scarce or weather turns cold.

But rich treats are almost always at your fingertips and they only become more common during the holiday season, especially in snack sizes.

There is an easy way to avoid loading up on super sweet stuff all winter long, though. When youre craving a snack, reach for healthier options.

Sure, most people skip out on the nut selection at holiday parties. But those almonds might be your best bet.

And while the veggie tray is rarely in high demand, fresh produce will deliver fiber and nutrients to help keep you full between meals. As an added bonus, keeping an eye on the nutrient levels in your food is another great way to fight holiday weight gain!

Tip #3: Keep Nutrition In Mind

Holiday foods arent known for the nutrition profiles. But that just means its even more important that you keep nutrition in mind when youre loading up your plate.

I dont just mean keeping your carbs or unhealthy fats low You also need to make sure youre getting enough nutrients.

Most people get the majority of their nutrients from the fruits and vegetables they eat. Unfortunately, most people also tend to eat less produce when the weather turns cold.

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Sure, you might have carrots and potatoes in your stew. But you might not be getting the full nutrient profile you need.

When you run low on nutrients, you tend to develop strong cravings for certain foods. And because your body also wants to load up on high-calorie foods, your cravings will usually be for something less-than-healthy.

Its hard to say no when a strong craving hits you. Instead of trying to show restraint when the craving develops, cut it off at the source.

Load up on delicious winter vegetables or reach for a well-balanced supplement to make sure you have all the nutrients you need!

Tip #4: Mind Your Macros

If youve had your eye on nutrition for a while, youve probably heard about macros. They are the big three when it comes to judging food quality at a basic level: protein, carbs, and fats.

The ideal balance varies from person to person. But whatever your ideal balance, you need to keep an eye on your macros if you want combat holiday weight gain.

Holiday dishes tend to be high in carbs. Rice, bread, and potatoes are staples in a great many popular foods at this time of year. And theres nothing wrong with eating them in moderation!

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But if you want to keep your weight gain under control, try to reach for protein instead. While meat might be your best bet, there are also high-protein vegetables you can add to your usual holiday fare for an added boost.

5 Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain During The Holidays (No Exercise Required!)

Tip #5: Switch Up Ingredients

Recipes are only as nutritious as what goes into them. And though this might seem obvious, holiday and winter recipes rarely focus on nutrition.

So if youre trying to watch your waistline this winter you might want to consider swapping out some of the ingredients you use.

A really easy way to do this is by skipping certain foods or ingredients entirely. Baked sweet potatoes are, of course, a really great example of where this idea works wonders.

Sweet potatoes, by themselves, are a bit of a superfood. They are full of nutrients and fiber.

But when you load them up with sugar, butter, and marshmallows there isnt enough fiber in a whole field of potatoes to counter all of that sugar.

Instead, try leaving off the marshmallows. You can still get a sweet topping on the potatoes by popping them out of the oven and spooning some of the sugary melted butter from the bottom of the pan over the top. Then broil until the sugar caramelizes.

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You can also up the nutrition in your recipes by sneaking in extra vegetables. You can rice or puree just about any vegetable and add it to your recipewith nobody the wiser.

If the produce happens to be on the sweet side, you can even cut back on the added sugar!

The Takeaway

Winter can be tough on your waistline. It doesnt matter which holiday you celebrateor if you celebrate one at all. Parties seem packed into every weekend your office becomes a minefield of sweets and your neighbors are much more giving with tasty treats.

If you keep an eye on nutrition and portions, however, you dont need to worry about carrying extra weight into spring or even the new year! Paying attention to your food and staying hydrated will keep you fit, trim, and healthy all winter long.

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