FINALLY: Hollywood Actresses’ Jaw-Dropping “Blast Belly Fat Diet” REVEALED!

FINALLY: Hollywood Actresses' Jaw-Dropping "Blast Belly Fat Diet" REVEALED!

Without Exercise… Without Starving Yourself… and WITH PLENTY of CARBS!

When you think of Hollywood actresses… you may think of waif-thin women starving themselves to become a size -2…

Or ladies locking themselves in a gym with a trainer for 5 hours per day to get that dolphin stomach for an action hero role…

But in reality… many Hollywood actresses don’t starve themselves… and they definitely don’t spend hours per day in the gym… especially when they’re shooting for 12-18 hours per day.

So how do these ladies stay slim and trim?

I recently reached out to a “Nutritionist to the Stars”… who revealed a shocking diet that many stars use to burn off belly fat… and get in the best shape possible.

Before I tell you what it is though… let’s go through some of Hollywood’s biggest stars’ diets and see if you can spot the one thing they all have in common that keeps them fit, trim, and happy:

FINALLY: Hollywood Actresses' Jaw-Dropping "Blast Belly Fat Diet" REVEALED!
From Julia’s Instagram: @juliaroberts

Julia Roberts’ “Stay Slim Secret” (Can You Guess What It Is?)

Can you believe that Julia Roberts is in her 50s now?!

(I know–I couldn’t either!)

For my money, she looks every bit as great as she did in Ocean’s 11 almost 20 years ago.

Julia starts her day with a breakfast that typically includes:

  • Sourdough toast
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Fruit, and
  • Coffee

She follows that with a light lunch… and then a protein-packed dinner of lean protein (fish or chicken), a vegetable, and brown rice…

(Though she’s mentioned she also enjoys pasta and cookies too from time-to-time)…

How does a woman who looks like that ever eat a single carb?!?

I’ll let you in on the secret in just a minute…

Next up is:

FINALLY: Hollywood Actresses' Jaw-Dropping "Blast Belly Fat Diet" REVEALED!
Scarlett Johansson is an action hero (and a big-time baker)… what does she eat that keeps her so thin?!

Scarlett Johannson Bakes and Bakes and Bakes… THIS is How She Burns Those Carbs Off…

Scarlett Johansson is maybe the most bankable actress in Hollywood today.

To be honest, Scar Jo has revealed that she eats “mostly vegan.”

That means she enjoys foods such as oatmeal… tofu… lean proteins… and plenty of fruits and veggies.

However here’s one shocking thing about Scarlett Johansson that you’re not going to believe:

She LOVES to bake!

As she told Styleist a couple years back, “I like to cook, major baker. Yea, this past summer I got into vegan baking so I was baking up a storm breads, cakes, muffins. I love to bake.”

All of these “vegan baking treats”? Are still loaded with carbs!

So if carbs pack on ugly belly fat… how does Scar Jo stay so thin?

Let’s look at one more star’s diet to see if we can pull it all together and figure out what’s going on here…

FINALLY: Hollywood Actresses' Jaw-Dropping "Blast Belly Fat Diet" REVEALED!

Reese Witherspoon’s Counterintuitive “Southern Diet” That Melts Off Tummy Fat (And Arm Fat)…

Reese Witherspoon looks thinner and more svelte than when she starred in Legally Blonde 20 years ago…

Yet because she’s from the south… she’s admitted to enjoying foods like fried chicken… frozen desserts… and snacking on fruit throughout the day.

She also eats a big traditional Southern brunch with her family every Sunday… including southern biscuits, pancakes, etc.

Granted she doesn’t eat huge meals all the time… and often starts the day off with a smoothie…

But how can you eat any fried chicken and look like that?!

Well if you’ve been paying attention… you may have already figured out these actresses’ secret to be able to eat a bunch of carbs… and keep off weight…

What to Eat BEFORE Carbs to Lose Weight FASTER…

The answer? The secret to these slim and trim actresses’ success?

Is fruit.

Fruit is packed with powerful antioxidant compounds known as “flavonoids” that naturally break down carbs… and cause carbs to become a “fat burning food group.”

Now of course… different kinds of fruits have different flavonoids in them… and in different levels…

However… an Ivy League doctor recently discovered 3 specific flavonoids that really allow you to eat your favorite carbs without guilt.

These flavonoids are found in high levels in 5 particular fruits that are popular in Italy…

(These fruits are largely the reason Italians are so slim and trim… and all 3 of these actresses regularly vacation in Italy and France. Coincidence? I think not…)

The “Nutritionist to the Stars” I interviewed confirmed in fact that actresses eat tons and tons of these 5 fruits all the time…

So it makes sense that Julia Roberts eats them at breakfast (before her carbs, mind you…)

Scarlett Johansson eats them before her delicious vegan baked goods…

And Reese Witherspoon snacks on fruit throughout the day… and can enjoy southern biscuits and chicken while looking amazingly fit and trim!

The Ivy League doctor who discovered these fruits recently had a short, free video made showing you:

  • What these 5 “Fat-Burning Fruits” are…
  • Where you can find them, and…
  • How much of each you need to eat before eating carbs to get slim and trim…

Simply click the link below now to start enjoying your favorite carbs again, 100% guilt-free:

FINALLY: Hollywood Actresses' Jaw-Dropping "Blast Belly Fat Diet" REVEALED!

Click Here Now For the “Carb-Burning Fruit” Secret…

P.S. – I can’t believe how good these women look for their age… and they owe a lot of it to the carb-burning power of fruit! While I don’t know if I’ll ever look exactly like any of them… I do know that since I’ve started eating more of these 5 fruits… I’m losing inches off my waist without watching what I eat much at all! Click the video above now to see what these “Fat-Burning Fruits” are and start losing the weight just like me!

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