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Will The 5 Bite Diet Make You Fat? Science Reveals The Shocking Answer

November 28, 2019

Discover What The 5 Bite Diet Is And Whether It Leads To Weight Loss Or Weight Gain…

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If youve ever looked in the mirror or seen yourself in a photo orheaven forbidaccidentally turned on the front-facing camera on your smartphone when you didnt mean to

And seen an image of yourself that seemed somehow heavier bigger flabbier chubbier than you expected

You arent alone. Trust me, Ive been there.

And it isnt just the way you look in the mirror or in photos or in your camera. Its how your clothes dont really fit right anymore, because theyre all too tight.

Its how you notice that little extra roll of fat on your belly, or how your batwings are somehow bigger and more noticeable than you thought.

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And that is always a really tough realization. Its when you realize that youve overweightand you want to do something to change it.

But what do you do to change it? Well, you have a few options.

You could go on a diet. But youve tried diets before, right?

And somehow youre here again, trying to lose some weight. So maybe a diet isnt right for you

(Plus, who wants a super restrictive diet that makes you give up all of your favorite foods??)

You could try diet pills. But what if you gain the weight back after you quit taking the pills?

Or if youre really ready for a BIG change you could get weight loss surgery. That one is sure to work, right?

But wait! Before you schedule an appointment with a surgeon, take a look at THIS diet.

I know, I know. Like I said, youve probably already tried a diet. South Beach, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, etc.youve been there, tried that.

Im not talking about those diets. Im talking about the 5 Bite Diet.

What Is The 5 Bite Diet?

The 5 Bite Diet was created by Dr. Alwin Lewis back in 2007. And the reason I mentioned weight loss surgery is that the whole idea of the 5 Bite Diet is its supposed to give you the same weight loss results you would see if you had a gastric bypass surgery.

Thats rightthe results of a weight loss surgery, without the actual surgery!

So, how does it work?

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Basically, the 5 Bite Diet promises fast weight loss due to its extreme restrictions. Now, you dont have to count calories… or weigh your foods… or even exercise.

The way the 5 Bite Diet works is that you do just what it says: you take 5 bites of food per meal.

The plan also recommends that you skip breakfast so you can stick to eating just 10-12 bites of food per day. For breakfast, you can drink some black coffee (or water or unsweetened tea).

As for the food you eat (all 10-12 bites of it, haha), there are no off-limits foods. So, if you wanted to, you could eat cheeseburgers, pizza, donuts, and cake for every meal.

However, the diet suggests that at least 1 bite per mealso at least 2 bites per dayshould come from high-protein foods. This could be meat, fish, eggs, legumes, dairy, or tofu.

You are also allowed two 1-bite snacks per day, which should be eaten between meals. This will give you a total of 12 bites per day. You can drink an unlimited amount of zero-calorie drinks throughout the day as well.

While exercise isnt required as part of the 5 Bite Diet, you can do some low-intensity workouts if youd like. However, its recommended that you dont participate in moderate- or high-intensity exercises while youre on this diet.

Can The 5 Bite Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Because the 5 Bite Diet is so restrictive and youll consume so few calories each day yes, you will probably lose weight with this diet.

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Thats because the 5 Bite Diet is a very-low-calorie diet. And while theres been some controversy on the topic research has shown that no matter what you eat (even if you stick to 10-12 bites of donuts & pizza instead of fruits & lean proteins) you will lose weight if you have a calorie deficit.

But theres a catch. Science has also shown that very-low-calorie diets like the 5 Bite Dietcan lead to weight regain. And for some, that might even mean that you end up weighing more afterwards than you did to start with!

Plus, some research has shown that very-low-calorie diets can actually cause some problemsand I dont just mean youll get really hungry! Eating a very-low-calorie diet could lead to digestive issues a higher likelihood of disordered eating and an increased risk for gallstones.

That doesnt sound like that I want to get out of a diet!

Should You Try The 5 Bite Diet?

Okay, there may be a very small number of people who do well with the 5 Bite Diet. They might lose the weight and keep it off.

However, the 5 Bite Diet is definitely not meant to be a long-term eating habit. If you do decide to try it, you should use it for a short period of time and then switch to a healthy, balanced diet that features normal portion sizes.

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And you should probably also talk to your doctor about the 5 Bite Diet if its something you want to try.

As for my personal opinion? I think most people shouldnt try the 5 Bite Diet.

For most people, it will be a healthier, more sustainable, and more successful choice to pick up some healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime. This can be tailored to your specific likes and needs but it will probably include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

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Unfortunately, something like eating only 10 bites of food per day is pretty unsustainable and if youre anything like me, youre bound to slip up sooner or later

(You definitely cant eat only 10 bites of food a day for the rest of your life!)

So then as soon as you start eating like a human being again instead of a rabbit the weight will come back. 🙁

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