3 “Cheat Day” Cheeses That Actually BURN Stubborn Belly Fat

3 weight loss cheeses 1

Brand-New Science Reveals How These Everyday Cheeses Can Help Melt Pounds of Fat From Your Belly, Thighs & Arms…

How many days until Cheat Day? Is a question I wake up asking myself almost every day

And up until recently, when it came around every Saturday morning there was one thing I craved more than anything else:


In my eggs On a bagel

Over a burger (medium-rare, please!)…

Pasta, pizza, with crackers, you name it…

I wanted it all.

And for a very long time, I spent 6 out of 7 days of the week thinking I couldnt eat cheese because its unhealthy and fattening… and would completely unravel my diet and efforts.

Well, what if I told you thats a bunch of B.S.?

And in fact you can enjoy cheese almost anytime you want not just on Cheat Day, but every day?

Brand-new research has discovered that certain cheeses are not only GOOD for you but can in fact help your body burn more fat naturally.

And Im not talking about the reduced fat, part-skim, diet-friendly crap either.

These cheeses are delicious, can be found in almost any supermarket, and are more familiar than you may think and below Im going to show you exactly how they can help you peel off the pounds. 🙂

But there is one thing I need to address first…

3 weight loss cheeses 2

The Problem With Low-Fat & Diet-Friendly Cheeses

You probably already knew this but perhaps youve been denying it (I know I did for years):

Cheeses labeled as low-fat and diet-friendly… are generally NOT good for you.

Theyre almost always processed more than other full-fat cheeses, and will without a doubt always leave you wanting more.

Sure, theyre touted as creamy, rich, and delicious…

Come in small, cute, portion-controlled packages

And can be easily found in most major grocery stores

But whens the last time you ate a wedge of that stuff and thought:

Mmmmm, that was SO satisfying!?

Yeah, same.

Plus with calorie information plastered all over the packaging, its practically impossible to truly enjoy these types of cheeses (without doing math as you devour it).

And have you ever looked at whats really in these cheeses?

Because its NOT just cheese–some of these ingredients read like a foreign language, and contain ingredients like anhydrous milk fat…

Sodium polyphosphate…


Plus a lot of them contain unnecessary additives like Potato Starch and Annatto, for texture and color. Yikes.

So not only do these types of low-fat and diet-friendly cheese end up packing on the pounds despite their lack in flavor and quality but theyre not so great for your health either.

3 weight loss cheeses 3

But What Most People Dont Realize, Is That Certain Cheeses Actually Help You LOSE Weight

Just because low-fat and diet-friendly cheeses arent great for you does that mean all other cheeses are bad for you?

Absolutely NOT!

Theres a lot of misinformation out there about what makes a cheese healthy or diet-friendly…

And the reality is, thanks to society and the media, we have been led to believe that cheese is, as a rule, bad for you.

Now, Im not going to sit here and tell you that eating a wheel of Parmesan a night is going to help you lose weight (spoiler alert: its not)…

BUT new research is just now discovering that in small doses, certain full-fat, delicious cheeses can actually help you lose more fat.

Here are the 3 best fat-burning cheeses we know of so far:

3 weight loss cheeses gouda

1) Gouda

A recent study published in the medical journal FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology revealed that certain kinds of Gouda can give your immune system a serious boost.

The researchers asked a group of volunteers between the ages of 72 and 103 to eat a slice of cheese with their breakfast for four weeks–part of the group ate probiotic Gouda, and part ate a placebo cheese (not probiotic).

After some time, the researchers gave blood tests to the participants to see how the cheese was affecting their immune systems.

(All the participants lived in the same home to control for other outside factors, and the participants didnt change anything about their lifestyle while this was happening.)

According to the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Fandi Ibrahim, the people who ate probiotic Gouda showed a clear enhancement of natural and acquired immunity.

Even more research has been done to show a particular probiotic species in Gouda can potentially boost your metabolism, and help you burn more fat but more on that in a bit.

3 "Cheat Day" Cheeses That Actually BURN Stubborn Belly Fat

2) Aged & Irish Cheddar

Is there such a thing as a heart-healthy cheese?

Yes, according to this new research!

Scientists made a probiotic cheddar to study its effects on mices cholesterol levels and what they found was pretty shocking.

The probiotic cheddar was found to lower total serum cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride levels significantly.

Even better, many Irish Cheddars contain the same exact cholesterol-lowering probiotic used in the study–L. Plantarum.

Another probiotic found in many aged cheddars, L. fermentum, has been linked to increased metabolism, fat burn and weight loss as well.

The best part is, cheddar is one of the most versatile and easiest-to-find cheeses–and most grocery stores carry a wide selection with a number of aged varieties to choose from.

3 "Cheat Day" Cheeses That Actually BURN Stubborn Belly Fat

3) Parmesan

Believe it or not, the cheese you already know and love is not only good for you, but is good for your waistline too. 🙂

Parmesan contains a number of probiotic strains linked to a variety of health benefits.

For example, L. Rhamnosus, which has been linked to an increase in immune function, has also been shown to fight allergy & UTI symptoms and has even been linked to increased fat loss for women (not for men though!).

BUT you do need to be careful about the kind of parmesan you buy.

Youre looking for proper Parmigiano-Reggiano. Not the stuff thats pre-grated, and not the stuff thats shredded in a container.

The real-deal stuff, often sold in chunk form, might be a little bit pricier, but not only does it taste a lot better its also a lot better for you.

And thats because its made using all-natural ingredients, and a process thats been followed for thousands of years which ultimately creates a product thats rich in these fat-burning nutrients, and is naturally free of nasty chemicals and preservatives found in many other cheeses.

Thats one thing these 3 cheeses all have in common theres nothing fake about them (and theyre all delicious of course). 🙂

But theres one big question about these cheeses I havent answered yet…

3 "Cheat Day" Cheeses That Actually BURN Stubborn Belly Fat

What Gives These 3 Cheeses Their Fat-Burning Capabilities?

Yes, these cheeses are all delicious

Theyre not as processed as a lot of other cheeses

Though there is one more thing these 3 cheeses have in common

And its the thing that gives them their fat-burning power in the first place:

Each of these cheeses contains a kind of bacteria (yes, bacteria!) that is scientifically proven to potentially help you burn more fat.

Because bacteria are in everything

They help turn milk into cheese, which means there are bacteria in every single cheese

… and they are in our bodies as well, which is a GOOD thing!

(The average person carries 4 pounds of bacteria inside them… and many studies show bacteria play a HUGE role in your health, and weight regulation)

Scientists are just now beginning to understand how bacteria contribute to our health

… and more specifically how bacteria can help you lose weight

And they discovered that there are 4 (so far) of these special strains of fat-burning bacteria.

Each of the cheeses above contains at least one strain of this fat-burning bacteria…

(One study found that people who took THIS bacteria found in Parmesan for 12 weeks burned up to 8.5% more belly fat!)

Though there are MANY more delicious foods, with MUCH higher concentrations of these fat-burning bacteria…

And you can click here to watch a short, free presentation of the doctor who discovered them showing you what they are.

3 "Cheat Day" Cheeses That Actually BURN Stubborn Belly Fat

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