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1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

July 29, 2021

See An In-Depth, Honest Review Of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

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What Is 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum?

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is a supplement that aims to build up your digestive health, among other things.

How does it do this? Well, Ill get into that in more detail later but the important thing to note is that it has a whopping 51 billion live cultures in each serving!!

This means that it can help with gut health improve how much energy you have improve regularity and more! This probiotic supplement is gluten-free, non-dairy (although there have been some questions on this one), and doesnt contain soy.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum includes a bunch of ingredients that have been deemed good bacteria that will, ideally, aid in your health!

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The main focus of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is to improve the things listed above, rather than having its focus be on losing weight.

(But, as you and I both know good gut health may help with other aspects of your efforts to live and maintain that healthy lifestyle which, of course, includes weight control!)

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

Benefits Of1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

This product offers a holistic suite of benefits that could help you improve your overall health. Here are just some of the ways 1MD probiotics can benefit you:

  • Alleviate gastrointestinal distress: Probiotics have been shown to reduce or eliminate gastrointestinal symptoms including gas, bloating, and constipation. This is primarily caused by decreasing inflammation, which helps to heal the gut lining.
  • Improve immune function: Probiotics like 1MD help to support the immune system in a number of ways. These include promoting the production of proteins that help regulate the immune system (called cytokines), suppressing the growth of pathogens in the gut (bad bacteria), and increasing the responsiveness of the immune system in obese or malnourished individuals.
  • Aid heart health: Further study is needed, but animal studies show promise that probiotics and prebiotics can help support heart health by significantly lowering blood pressure in individuals with hypertensionaccording to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • Helps avoid food intolerance triggers: 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum does not contain any gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, shellfish, or wheat, helping to avoid the most common food sensitivities and allergies and make sure that as many people as possible can benefit from this probiotic supplement.
  • Cure antibiotic-related diarrhea: We all need antibiotics from time to time, but the disruption this type of medicine causes to your gut often comes with the unpleasant side effect of frequent bathroom visits. One of the areas in which the scientific evidence for probiotics is conclusively positive is its role in mitigating antibiotic-related diarrhea.
1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

Specific Ingredients In 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

There are a lot of ingredients in 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum. Many of them are those good bacteria we were just talking about.

According to this website, 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum contains:

  • 15 billion bifidobacterium lactis
  • 15 billion lactobacillus acidophilus
  • 4 billion bifidobacterium longum
  • 4 billion bifidobacterium bifidum
  • 4 billion lactobacillus casei
  • 4 billion lactobacillus plantarum
  • 1 billion lactobacillus gasseri
  • 1 billion lactobacillus salivarius
  • 1 billion lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • 1 billion lactobacillus bulgaricus
  • 1 billion lactospore
  • 100 mg NutraFlora prebiotic fiber

We will go ahead and break down all of these ingredients for you soon!

Vitamins In 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

This is an easy one to answer1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum does not have any added vitamins or minerals. This is one of the cons of this supplement although it is so packed full of that good bacteria that youll end up being able to produce essential vitamins.

The makers of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum feel that the supplement functions well without added vitamins or minerals and perhaps this is one of the reasons why it does not include vitamins.

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Whatever the case, the ingredients it does contain will help you produce essential vitamins, so thats still a benefit!

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

Probiotics In 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

Now that we know about all the amazing benefits, lets do a brief run-down on what each probiotic strain found in 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum does!

  • Bifidobacterium lactis: This is a probiotic bacteria that grows in the gut, and it has a lot of different purposes. Its been proven to help with fighting tumors, aiding your immune system, and improving digestion. B. lactis is the scientific communitys most well-documented strain of probioticswith over 300 studies, nearly half of which involving human clinical trials.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus: This bacteria can be found in your intestines and is really important! It produces lactic acid by making an enzyme called lactase. It may help restore intestinal flora and normal gut health (especially while taking antibiotics) to reduce diarrhea and other unsightly symptoms.
  • Bifidobacterium longum: This bacteria has a lot of purposes! Its good for helping with infectious, immune, and gastrointestinal diseases. It may also help with gut microbiota. In lab studies, b. longum has shown the ability to improve the gut barrier functiona critically important benefit for the treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome and its associated gas, bloating, fatigue, and other nasty symptoms!
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum: This bacteria is really common in humans and other mammals. It can help prevent infections and is really good for making vitamins! Also, this one can help treat symptoms of some diseases. In particular, one study published in the American Journal of Food Technology showed that bifidobacterium bifidum was especially able to produce folic acid, also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid can help treat anemia resulting from vitamin deficiency, as well as certain kinds of cancer that are caused by DNA mutations.
  • Lactobacillus casei: This probiotic is often used to treat diarrhea and constipation. Too much of it isnt good, which is likely why 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum has a lower percentage of this strain.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum: Another super common bacteria strain, this one is present in many foods and has a lot of antioxidant qualities! It may prevent bacteria that produces gas in your intestines and could help if you have IBS. For example, in one German study, L. plantarum was shown to significantly reduce both the severity and frequency of typical IBS symptoms, like stomach pain and gas.
  • Lactobacillus gasseri: Struggle with high blood pressure? This one could be good for you, since it aids in reducing blood and liver cholesterol. It also may help with weight loss, inflammation, and could increase your T-cell count, which helps with immunity. When it comes to weight loss, L. gasseri has been shown in both animal and human studies to be especially effective for eliminating stubborn belly fat, in addition to helping reduce overall weight and body mass index (BMI) scores.
  • Lactobacillus salivarius: This probiotic strain has a lot of benefits for your body. It can lower tissue inflammation, help with asthma, and lower cholesterol.
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus: A probiotic strain used a lot, this one can help with gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea. It may also help prevent symptoms of allergies!
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus: A probiotic that may calm skin inflammations and could help with acne, rosacea, and eczema. Take this probiotic if you have various skin conditions, as it could help!
  • Lactospore: Lactospore can help us keep your gut health balanced and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle in this aspect. It ensures that bacteria inside your intestine can properly colonize.

Prebiotics In 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum contains NutraFlora prebiotic fiber. Derived from pure sugar cane, this contains non-digestible food ingredients that can provide big benefits for you.

It helps grow certain bacteria, which means that NutraFlora prebiotic fiber aids in all of the probiotics found in this particular supplement.

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It is a really effective prebiotic fiber with a lot of research behind it! As we know, prebiotics basically act like a food of sorts for the gut bacteria in your gut.

This means it is essential in helping all of the probiotics that are found inside this supplement (and in your body)!

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

How Does 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Work?

How to Take 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

You should take this supplement with food or directly after a meal because it is designed to have a delayed response. By taking it with food and due to the way it is processed inside your body you probably have less of a chance of stomach pain when taking this supplement.

This delayed release is also intended to make sure the supplement reaches your intestines, where it can be effective. In addition, research has shown that probiotic strains have the highest likelihood of survival when taken with a meal or shortly after eating.

Fortunately, one benefit of 1MD Complete compared to other probiotics Ive seen is that it uses delayed release technology to get maximum effect. Unlike most supplements that use regular gel capsules, 1MD uses delayed release vegetable cellulose capsules that allow the probiotics to travel through your stomach and into your intestines before being released.

This reduces the likelihood that the probiotic strains will be eliminated by your stomach acid before they can really be effective (remember, theyre alive!).

How Long Does It Take to Work?

According to its website, this supplement is intended to improve your gut health over time. The 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum website notes that you should start getting healthy gut bacteria from the first dose.

Bloating, gas, and other symptoms you may have after eating should decrease after around one week of taking this supplement, the website says. After a month, there should be a lot less bad bacteria in your gut.

After 3 months or more, this product should help with your bodys natural microbiome balance!

The claims cited by the website align very well with the research into other probiotics and how long it takes for certain effects to be seen.

According to scientific literature, most people see a reduction in stomach-related symptoms almost instantly (like gas and diarrhea), reduction of IBS symptoms in about a month, while more systematic effects like immune system improvements take about 3 months.

Is 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Effective?

Always talk to a doctor before adding in a supplement. According to multiple 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum reviews, the product is effective.

This 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum review notes that it seems to be a good choice for someone in the market for a supplement that is strong. It does issue a warning for vegans though, as some reviews have noted it may not be 100% vegan.

Another 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum review points out that even though it competes with many others like it on the market this supplement does stand out. Why?

Well, because of all the live cultures! You may have a tough time matching another supplement to this one on that note.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Cost

One potential downside to 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is its cost. One bottle typically runs for $49 plus shipping, and each bottle offers you one months worth of capsules (30).

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There are deals on its website that allow you to purchase packages of bottles at a lower price. For example, a pack of 6 bottles is listed at $37.99 per bottle and a pack of 3 bottles is $43.99 per bottle.

Although its pricier than some other supplements, it does offer a lot of live cultures as we noted earlier. I like to weigh the pros and cons when making purchases like this!

Where To Purchase 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

The best place to purchase 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is on its website. Amazon will also typically offer this supplement, but sometimes the pricing may be different.

Customer Complaints / Customer Support For 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

Some reviews have complained that the consumer saw no difference when taking this product. Other 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum reviews, however praise the supplement as one of the best on the market.

The product has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with a lot of positive reviews. Some reviews complain about the packaging and others note that the price is a little on the expensive side.

The companys website suggests it does offer customer support. There is a 90-day guarantee, so if youre not satisfied customers should be able to return it with a full refund within that time period.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Review (Pros & Cons)

Overall Take On 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

Overall, this product seems to be one of the better supplements offered out on the market especially if you are really struggling with your gut health. This product offers so many live cultures and even has a prebiotic in there to help get things going.

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1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum doesnt, however, contain vitamins or minerals which some people may want in their probiotic supplement. Even though it lacks vitamins, some of the ingredients are meant to help your body produce more vitamins naturally so its not a complete loss.

The other things to note, again, is that this product may not really be vegan-free. If youre vegan, look into this before making a purchase.

Speaking of purchasesthe price point of this supplement is on the higher end. However, with so many live cultures, it might just be worth it!

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Is Good But THIS Is Better

All-in-all, 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is a fine probiotic.

It seems completely safe and definitely has some of the best probiotic strains for your gut in it.

Theres only one real issue:

Are you okay with fine and some when it comes to your health?

Because if not Id highly recommend a different probiotic thats also formulated with the help of a famous doctor who has a top-rated TV show on PBS

(You might have heard of it: 30 Days to a Younger Heart?)

This doctors name is Dr. Steven Masley and he helped develop the only probiotic on the market that has ALL of the best strains of probiotics to fix your gut.

Its called Floraspring and its designed primarily as a weight loss supplement.

Dr. Masley found that giving his patients the strains of probiotics in Floraspring not only reduced embarrassing gas painful bloating and gave them more energy

But it also helped them lose weight especially when nothing else was working for these patients.

Dr. Masley made a short, free video showing you:

  • What these 5 Super Strains of probiotics are
  • How they can help you heal your gut and lose weight, and
  • The only place you can get Floraspring right now.

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